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woman in blue dress pays off
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Hi Guys, I’ve just had two amazing weeks in Romania and I have to say it is with the heaviest of hearts that I am now leaving. I spent a terrific week in Bucharest and one of the best 10 days of my life in Brasov.
My Bucharest experience: On arrival I was blown away at the communist era architecture, the hype of the city and of course, the gorgeous female inhabitants! My view of the ladies here is that they are “top shelf” Most are solid sevens” at least, with many stunners walking around. You will find that they all speak English, they are super friendly and more than willing to talk to you. They will laugh at your bad Romanian, (learn a few words guys it’s so much fun and the girls love it!) They will dance with you, drink with you and if you play the game well, they are eager to meet you for a second date and go home with you! I went out pretty much every night in old town, I prefer live music venues and had an absolute ball, lots of gorgeous girls who just want to have fun!
My first day there I approached two lovely girls in the street asking for directions that I already knew, chatted for 10 minutes, I said it was really nice to meet them, I went to walk away and the one I was really interested in came running up to me to give me her phone number! I love this place! Got my flag the next night! Following night I made the mistake of succumbing to the advances of a hot American girl, within an hour I she was trying to song me and I took her home an hour later. While this was easy and a fun experience, she tells me in the morning at breakfast how’s she’s a femme and goes to regular woman’s rights marches – I just laughed and said “great, your shout for breakfast” haha told her I don’t date femmes, dump the feminist attitude and I’ll date you again. She called me a few times, I honestly couldn’t be bothered. Two days later while out on a Tuesday night having a quiet beer meet another incredible Romanian girl but didn’t follow up because I was moving on.
My Brasov experience: The first thing you notice when you get here is the change of pace. Brasov, while busy, is less hectic than Bucharest! A beautiful setting and with truly beautiful girls. The girls are a step up in every way, they smile at you, they don’t mind stopping and talking to you and I reckon they enjoy meeting foreigners. They are very warm, genuine, friendly and super hot! (All of them just laughed at me and thought I was crazy coming to Romania in the middle winter from Australia, it was a great ice breaker!) I spent time with two lovely girls here, one of which I really, really connected with. It was hard to leave.
Romania is a land were feminism has not taken hold, or should I say, “reared its ugly head” (literally!) Guys, what you get here is beautiful women being just that – beautiful women!
To surmise, Romanian girls are just lovely in every way, wonderful company, smart, genuine and uncomplicated. They are beautiful, passionate, appreciative and most of all, if you are lucky enough to find out – they really are for keeps!
– In the past 2 months while based in Montenegro, I’ve been to Albainia, Macedonia and Bulgaria as well, if anyone is interested I can give updates for all! I am currently on the train to Budapest, happy travels guys.
Student Prostitution In Romania.
Student Prostitution In Romania.
here’s more on the growth of student prostitution – facilitated by the internet of course.
This article from the English Language publication – Vivid – was published in Bucharest in 2004.
The oldest profession.
He says he often has to be careful in choosing his clientele and he refuses those who appear more perverted than he can accept. Adrian says he knows where to draw the line and tries to keep his job as respectable as possible. ”I actually don’t like being called a gigolo, I prefer being referred to as a freelancer,” he says.
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Prostitute tariffs, Romania, Black Sea Coast.
The initial quote is just too good to pass on:
In short, in Mangalia the cost is 30 RON oral, 50 RON vaginal intercourse, 70 RON anal sex + 1500 RON / night. In Constanta, an additional 100-120 RON/h. The “littoral” hospots are:
Caraiman barriers, abandoned building (“patrimoniul statului”) former farmer’s market (“targ de legume”) Carrefour near Lake Stiutghiol roundabout (“sens giratoriu”) to Ovidiu Sud Agigea bridge (“pod”) over Danube-Black Sea canal between Eforie Nord and Agigea before the road to Constanta Sud bridge – Agigea intersection of national road DN 39 with the road to Costinesti next to Cuza-Voda forest Cernavoda exit on the Constanta direction side.

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