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Jordanian traffic is chaotic and do not expect other drivers to follow normal traffic rules. GPS navigation can often be inaccurate and unreliable as some secondary roads are not mapped even in the latest maps (including Google maps for secondary roads near Petra, as of 2014 Oct.) Nokia Here is somewhat better.
Petrol stations are not frequent and outside large towns 95RON premium is not available.
Taxi is also a viable option. For 75 JD or less (depending on how much you haggle) you may be able to get a private taxi from Amman to Petra and back, including the driver waiting around for 6 hours. In December 2012 we manage to pay 60 JD from Petra to Amman. Official rate said to be 70JD.
A taxi from Aqaba to Petra should cost about JD 20-30 one-way. Negotiate the price with driver including the clarification that you are headed directly to the Petra visitor centre.
If you get there renting a minibus with a driver in the hotel at the Dead Sea, the one-way price would be 140 JD.
Phone numbers for taxi operators:
Jafer K. Mashaleh Petra, Jordan – +962 777 66 78 40.
Getting to Jordan / Visas Edit.
Petra is located in the Kingdom of Jordan, for information on getting in to Jordan itself see Jordan#Get in and for entry requirements see Jordan#Obtaining a visa.
The only modes of transport allowed within Petra are on two feet or four (camel, donkey, or horse). When entering Petra, there is a brief hike down towards the Siq. “Free” horses will be available for travel to the entrance of the Siq, or you can choose to take a horse-drawn buggy through the Siq (a distance of about 0.9 kilometers) and down to the Treasury. WARNING: Be very careful in dealing with the horse men (people from Wadi Musa) – they will tell you that the horse ride is free, but once you are riding, will reveal that the “tipping” cost is actually 18 JOD per person (around ?15 GBP/20 Euros/US$25). The ride takes about 5 minutes and is no quicker than walking. You can try negotiating – 4 JOD per person will probably be accepted- tourists being scammed of 60 JOD for a family of 3 is usual. Note that the local Bedou not always treat animals very well (with the possible exception of camels, which are more highly valued). Don’t be afraid to speak up with a sharp “Bas!” (“enough!”) if you feel an animal is being mistreated; Bedouins are respectful of their guest’s wishes. It’s also not uncommon to see wounded animals, especially those pulling the carts, to be put to gallop under 37°C. So if you can walk, it’s better to spare the animals.
There are 4 segments within Petra with 3 potential animal transport. From the entrance to the Siq (by horse), From the Entrance to the Treasury (by cart), From the Treasury to the stairs of the Monastery (donkey or camel), the 800 stairs of the monastery (donkey).
Once you arrive at the Treasury and throughout Petra, there will be many camel and donkey owners jockeying for your business. Be prepared to do some bargaining and don’t pay more than 25 JD, a more reasonable price is around 15 JD a person. Often there are times when the owner will drop his price in half simply by hearing a few phrases in Arabic.
Camel transport could be an option. Riding a camel is a unique experience on more level ground, but a donkey is recommended for more ambitious climbs, such as the ones to the High Place or the Monastery. Camels are the only animals respected by their owners in Petra as they’re very expensive and less docile than donkeys or horses. So riding them is ok but deal well with the owner before climbing on them.
However if you are reasonably fit and the weather is good, the walk is quite nice. Prefer climbing the Monastery’s path from 3pm on, it will be mostly in the shadow. Riding a donkey is nothing for the animal friends as they treat the animals not always as they should and the climb at noon in the summer months is really hard for them.
Between your hotel and Petra entrance, you can either walk or take a taxi for 1-2jd. Most hotels have free shuttle to the entrance on fixed schedules.
A good idea is to stock up on high quality batteries for your digital camera, before you enter the site. You will need more photos than you think, and local batteries will often not last many minutes.
Petra is an archaeological park, so the entrance fees are considered fairly steep compared to other Jordanian attractions. See the ticket info in the Get in section.
Guides can be hired from about 50 JD and up (depending on what you want to see) at the Visitors Center. Many of them were born and raised in Petra, and will gladly share their knowledge with you. Alternatively, major hotels can rent you a portable Easyguide [15] audio guide (JD 10/day) for commentary in English, Arabic, French and Spanish. Easyguide is also available as a mobile phone service on all Jordanian mobile phone networks, a map [16]
The entrance to Petra is a long, winding sandstone canyon known as the Siq (about 2km). There are minor carvings spotted here and there throughout the Siq, but the most impressive sights are the colorful and unusual sandstone patterns in the rock walls. There are also remains of terracotta pipes built into the sides of the canyon that were used in Roman times to carry water. Upon exiting the Siq, visitors can view the jaw-dropping grandeur of the Treasury ( al-Khazneh in Arabic). Be sure to note the urn atop the Treasury structure. It has been rumored that the urn contained a Pharaoh’s hidden treasure, and the urn bears the bullet pock marks where Bedouin travellers throughout the years have tested the theory. Get there when the park opens at 6AM or 6:30AM (depending on the season) and you may have the Treasury all to yourself or with less than 5-10 people around. Past the next bend is the outer Siq or Street of Facades , a large canyon lined with the facades of various tombs. At the end of the Street of Facades is the 7000-seat Roman Theater . The theater was created by the Nabateans but later enlarged by the Romans. It is still used for occasional performances. On the side of the valley opposite the Roman Theater and a short walk up the hill, are the Royal Tombs . The name was given because they are quite grand in scale compared to the others in the area, but it is unclear for whom the tombs were originally constructed. The Monastery ( ad-Deir ), the largest carved monument in Petra, dates back to the 1st century AD. The interior, like that of the Treasury, is puny in comparison to the facade. The more than 800 steps up to the Monastery can take over an hour; Few visitors choose to ride donkeys up to the top. The donkeys are treated very badly, and it’s quite depressing seeing this along the way. Petra by Night happens on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 20:30. Entrance fee is 17 JD and you do not need a day pass . Order your tickets at your hotel or straight from the company that sells them, Zaman Tours (about 200-300 m away from Visitor Center, on the right side of the street). It is only made of candles, you’ll hear a short play of Bedouin music and be served some tea in plastic cups while you sit on mats at the Treasury. It’s best to see this before you see Petra by day, as it becomes far less impressive if you already walked up to the Treasury during daytime. It’s not amazing, but it’s something nice to do during nighttime. Princess Alia Clinic, Brooke Hospital for Animals [17] located just inside the entrance to the park. As you can witness inside Petra, not all donkeys, horses and camels are treated right. A few are overworked, carrying overweight tourist or being excessively whipped. The Brooke charity educates owners about the treatment of equestrian working animals and treats the animals for free. The clinic is happy to tell you about conditions for working animals in Jordan. You can give a donation to the clinic. Wadi Musa which is the city next to Petra doesn’t have any big touristic attraction aside from the view from uphill.

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