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Lesson 1: Bring a Bulgarian with you to Sunny Beach, and if you can’t, be that much more alert for scams.
Now that I’ve told you about the bad let me tell you about the good: all night beach parties until the sun comes with big name DJs. Cacao Beach and Bedroom Beach are the places that run these parties and they are way expensive in comparison to the rest of Bulgaria but they are worth it if your budget isn’t super tight. Truckloads of half naked Bulgarian chicks high as kites on the drug of their choice and partying until the sun comes up is standard fare. It’s a hell of a time. Just don’t get to drunk or high when you’re out there, people will not have your back.
Other than partying on the beach there isn’t much to do in Sunny Beach that doesn’t get involve getting ripped off. However there is a great, quaint little historic town right next to Sunny Beach called Nessebar. It’s super old and super beautiful and it’s the perfect place to take your hot Bulgarian girlfriends for a delicious seafood dinner right before you go out and party your asses off on the beach all night. Just make sure you check your bill. Even though this place looks old and authentic (which it is) it’s still full of people looking to ripoff tourists. Charlie, Raul and I were there once at a restaurant with some girls once and when we got our bill they tried to charge us 200 BGN extra on our tab for “imported” wine when we what we actually requested was generic local 15 BGN per bottle wine. A serious argument ensued, and we ended up leaving while the staff followed us out while yelling at us to try to intimidate us into paying. This is not the best way to seduce Bulgarian chicks, so be on the lookout for scams before your check arrives.
When you’re done with Sunny Beach and Nessebar head south along the coast and go check out Burgas (you probably already passed through it on your way to Sunny Beach). It’s not anywhere near as good as Varna unless it’s during the Spirit of Burgas, a three day music festival on the beach in the summer, which rocks. Regular Burgas was not good for us. In a unscientific study based upon a couple of nights partying in Burgas we found girls there to be the least friendly of the Bulgarian girls.
Our recommendation is to head south from Burgas and check out the closeby strip of smaller, lower key beach places such as Smokinia, Sozopol and Lozenets. Sozopol and Lozenets are resort areas that are targeted more towards the locals, (read: even more hot Bulgarian chicks, little to no DAFFs and lower prices). There’s lots of chalga and house here and some nice cool places to go out for much less than Sunny Beach. Smokinia is a thing all of its own. It’s a bit rustic with the Bulgarian version of a beach campground, where all the hippies hang out, camp on the beach and smoke pot. When the Bulgarian bands that open up for the big names that come to Spirit of Burgas come to the beach I they go to Smokinia.
prostitutes and Muggers – Sunny Beach Forum.
I have been told there is a big problem with prostitutes in Sunny Beach, even if you are with your partner, and they also try to mug you at the same time, I am going in August with my husband, will we need to avoid any areas.
Well i have never been before, but from what i have heard, yes there is a few prostitutes but, people only get mugged if they are stupid. It's the same everywhere just don't go around flashing bling or what not. and DON'T (well your married so I doubt it) just don't go to the beach with one of these prostitutes its where they work, they take people's money after taking them to a secluded spot. Just don't worry there are a few people who go every summer on here and they ave said numerous times, they have never been bothered by prostitutes. Just they always said dont be stupid 😉
We've never had a problem Julien, and Ive been going to Sunny Beach, twice a year for over 12years!
The 'girls' do hang out on Flower Street, near the Kuban Hotel and MacDonalds in the evenings. If you hadnt heard the stories you probably would not be aware of them. I have sat many times upstairs in the Corner Bar, people watching and they tend to target the young single males.
Just be sensible as you would anywhere else in the world. Be careful on any crowded buses, the pickpockets to tend to operate there. Just go and enjoy yourselves.
Have to agree with WL. We have been going for a number of years and have never been troubled with prostitutes. ( must be too ugly ) Pickpockets do operate in resorts all over the world so just stick to some golden rules.
1. Only carry what you need for the occasion you're going for.
2. Leave passports, valuables in the safe at hotel.
3. On the public buses going to Nessebar keep tight a hold of your bag and don't get too friendly with little old ladies with big smiles.
I hardly think you'll be going down on the beach late at night/early morning so just go and people watch at the Corner Bar and have a laugh at the daft young uns.

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