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Brothels are still legal in Germany, Holland and Switzerland, and tolerated in Spain.
In Europe, only Sweden and Norway have made it illegal to pay for sex.
Revealing photo series shows Spanish roadside prostitutes waiting for clients.
Prostitution … we assume that much of the job description is easy to imagine but, unsurprisingly if you think about it, the majority of a road side prostitute’s working day is taken up with waiting patiently for the next customer.
Spanish photographer Txema Salvans documents the monotonous vigil of these women along the highways and byways of Spain’s Mediterranean coastline. As you might expect, many of the prostitutes were unlikely to have been happy with the idea of their photo being taken. To avoid any unnecessary run-ins, sneaky Salvans disguised himself as a land surveyor, complete with an assistant carrying a surveying pole. As a result he was able to photograph the ladies from anonymity, producing an intriguing series of images entitled The Waiting Game .
Salvan’s composition and style makes the prostitutes seem a natural part of the landscape, seeming at home on the routes where many truckers travel to avoid toll roads as they transport goods and produce between Spain and France.
Prostitution in Rome.
Really, I don’t think you can fully claim to know the Roman culture unless you know about the Via Salaria reference.
Via Salaria is infamous for prostitution. In broad daylight. That’s all there is to it. Now you have your Roman culture badge of honor. Easy, right?
So here’s the thing. Prostitution runs pretty rampant in Rome, and is majorly out in the open. I’ve seen many a nekkid woman on the side of the road awaiting clientele, and at lunch hour.
Funny to think that in over 6 years I’ve never written one article about prostitution in Rome. Funny as in odd. Odd because it’s so rampant.
So, here you go. Here’s the golden goose that finally prompted me to get there. Exhibit 1. I give you: The “Puttan Tour map of EUR” (“puttan tour” being a common term for referring to cruising around EUR looking for prostitutes, puttan being “puttana” which translates to “whore”)
If you really want to see it in detail, just click on the damn thing. But seriously, give me a minute here to unpack this bullshit for you, please.
So. I ran across this map yesterday via the FB page called Roma Fa Schifo. Roma Fa Schifo means “Rome is Digusting,” at the time of writing has over 11,200 “likes.” Now. Loyal readers of my blog know that I don’t use my site to promote a negative image of Rome, because I love Rome, warts and all. I try to keep things upbeat, positive, and lighthearted, because who knows better than I, after 12 years in the Eternal City, the problems that we face. That being said, I don’t generally subscribe to aggregators of Rome disgustingness. However, RFS is one that I do follow, because sometimes they highlight absurdities that spark my curiosity and which I simply cannot ignore. Hence, exhibit 1 above which crossed my FB feed yesterday.
Not being one to rest on my laurels, you know I had to dig a bit deeper. As in, double you tee eff, folks. Seriously. I mean, geez. EUR is like my own backyard, so you know I have to represent for my ‘hood. Ain’t nobody going to deny that the Colombo is a prostitution hotbed. Shit, one time I missed my bus stop late at night on the Colombo and had to get off the bus further south, and feared that someone might mistake me for an on-duty sex worker, just guilty by association of being on that street in that area at that hour, not because I was wearing sparkly heels or was scantily clad. No, siree! But, come on. A map? An effing MAP? So, my first thought was: this is a joke.
Um, no. I am here to tell you that this website is dead serious. There’s an independent site that represents the EUR neighborhood, on which the city of Rome itself pays for advertising above the Puttan Tour map (Exhibit 2):
As if this wasn’t shameful enough, please, allow me to translate the article that accompanies the graphic. Ahem. Clearing my throat. Listen up, folks:
EUR is becoming more and more the neighborhood of prostitutes: we have them for every taste, for every budget, all hours of the day, from morning to night, on many streets in EUR. All you have to do is drive around and no doubt you’ll find satisfaction.
But maybe this isn’t such a bad thing. In a time of economic crisis like right now, any business is good business, and so — why not? — even prostitution, if seen from a certain point of view, is a business that can bring tourism to our neighborhood. Ok, so it’s sexual tourism, but it’s still tourism!
And so now we’re asking for your help to keep our “whore map” up to date so that tourists can organize, in real time, their own “whore tour.” We’ve decided, in order to make the service as complete as possible, to list not only the places where a tourist can “consume” his services undisturbed, but can also, if he wants, in total tranquillity and without anyone doing anything about it – throw out tissues, products made of latex, but even, if he wants, packs of cigarettes, beer bottles, etc. etc.

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