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Allen reads a poem on the death of his father, Louis Ginsberg, titled “Don’t Grow Old.” He recounts how his aged, ailing father, reduced to the state of an infant to be bathed, lifted and laid in bed by others, ruefully remarked to Peter: “don’t grow old.” Allen also relates how he read poetry aloud to his dying father, including Wordsworth’s “Ode: Intimations of Immortality.” As he pronounced to his father Wordworth’s lines concerning how at birth the human soul “cometh from afar / Not in entire forgetfulness / And not in utter nakedness, / But trailing clouds of glory do we come / From God, who is our home,” his father sighed deeply and said to him: “That’s beautiful, but it isn’t true.” Now, harmonizing with Steven, Allen sings a melancholy composition called “Father Death Blues.”
At intervals, throughout the reading of poems and the singing, the madman in the room continues to voice loud and enraptured “heil Hitlers.” Once, Ginsberg stops and with patient weariness addresses the man, saying: “Please let me read. Please don’t interrupt me. The poems are quiet.” There are further songs, “The Little Fish Devours the Big Fish,” and the lively “Do the Meditation Rock,” and further poems, “The Black Man,” “What Are You Up to?” and “Libellous Poem.” To all of these, the Danish audience responds with much applause.
Then Peter, who has been smoking, staring and musing the while, reads from his own collection of verse, the scandalously titled Clean Asshole Poems & Smiling Vegetable Songs . Peter sits wide-legged on a chair, holding his book in his right hand, while with his left hand lifted in the air he gestures delicately, moving his fingers somewhat in the manner of a flamenco dancer. As Peter reads, Allen sits to one side of the stage, nodding approval, smiling, intent. Peter’s poems include “First Poem,” “Second Poem,” “Dream, May 18, 1958,” “Leper’s Cry,” “Someone Liked Me When I Was Twelve,” and “Write It Down Allen Said.” These are poems of buoyant whimsy, exuberant invention and deep seriousness. They are the poems of a guileless heart utterly bewildered by human cruelty and the world’s deceit. Peter reads them with touching sincerity in his raspy voice. The audience reaction is enthusiastic.
There is an intermission, after which Stephen and Allen sing a country blues titled “When You Break Your Leg,” and, joined by Peter, sing William Blake’s “The Tyger,” for which Allen has composed a melody. Then, Allen reads “America,” (pausing occasionally in the course of his reading to explain to the audience certain allusions in the poem, such as references to the I.W.W., Tom Mooney, and the Scottsboro Boys, and improvising additional lines pertaining to current political events concerning President Reagan and Iran.)
Plutonian Ode cover.
The final poem of the evening is “Plutonian Ode.” Alan stands, holding the recently published City Lights book of that title in his left hand, gesturing as he reads with his right hand, raising his right index finger like a teacher, closing his fingers in a fist, his body rocking, his shoulders shrugging, his hands trembling. (Orlovsky sits on a chair beside the stage, gaping enormous and protracted yawns.) As Ginsberg begins part II of the poem, he drops the volume of his voice, reads calmly and tranquilly, then for the third and final section of the poem, builds force and volume, tension, drama, passion until the last syllable sound, resolving all in sorrow and affirmation: “Ah!”
There is a gasp from the audience, then cheers and ardent and sustained applause.
The evening’s performance ends with Allen and Steven singing Blake’s “The Nurse’s Song,” while Peter yodels his accompaniment. The audience is exhorted to join in the refrain, “and all the hills echoed.” The audience is warm and gracious in its extended final round of applause.
The poems and the musical pieces are effectively paced and well-proportioned, complementary, rather like the balance between hymns and sermons in some church services. Indeed, the reading or performance taken as a whole bears some resemblance to a kind of ideological-cum-spiritual rite or ceremonial observance for the adversarial culture. A common denominator among the songs and poems performed is a summons to awareness, to resistance, to dedication. The audience is encouraged to learn to meditate, to reflect on the brevity and vanity of life, to oppose the forces and agencies of injustice and oppression, and to practice the virtues of “patience and generosity” (as expressed, for example, in “Do the Meditation Rock.”) For a poet considered by many to be avant-garde, irreverent and indecorous, Ginsberg seems in many ways closer to Vachel Lindsay and Carl Sandburg than to his hero Rimbaud or to his mentor William Carlos Williams. In his dramatic energy and his impassioned idealism echoes can also be heard of the populist prophets and militant labor orators of the American past. (I’m thinking of figures such as William Jennings Bryan and John L. Lewis, among others.) The physical voice in which Ginsberg brings his poems to life before the audience is familiar to me from tapes and records, a resonant baritone with east coast American inflections, his delivery richly cadenced, by turns conversational and incantatory. He is an expressive reader of his own poems, clearly aware that sound in poetry is integral to meaning.

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Prostitution: Solutions For A Global Problem.
All countries have sizable domestic populations of women engaged in prostitution, ranging from .25 to 1.5 percent of the population in Asia and the United States.1 Much larger percentages of men, however, are paying for sex. Ninety five percent of Thai men and seventy percent of men living in London have at some point in their life have purchased sex.2 And large numbers of the men abuse the women they interact with, indeed violence is endemic to the life of a prostitute.3 In Canada, “women and girls in prostitution had a mortality rate 40 times higher than the national average.”4 In the United States, it is estimated that seventy percent of prostitutes annually experience multiple rapes,some women are raped once a week.5.
Large numbers of women engaged in prostitution began as minors having been tricked or coerced into such by parents, traffickers, partners and pimps. In the United States the average age for entering prostitution lies around fourteen, while in Asia it is well below eighteen.6 Similarly, it is estimated that over a quarter of prostitutes in urban areas in the United States, Cambodia, Jamaica and India are minors.7.
Along with being manipulated as children, poverty is the primary economic incentive that drives women to participate in prostitution, whether directly, or through following the false promises of employment offered by sex traffickers. It is reported, for example, that eighty five percent of Russian women are unemployed, and many of those who have jobs are expected to sleep with their employers.8 But, hopes of economic independence at best quickly turn into highly exploitative situations, and at worse turn into indentured servitude.
It is estimated that ninety percent of prostitution is controlled by pimps, who receive between fifty and one hundred percent of the revenue generated.9 One pimp/bar owner in Japan, for example, makes US$85,000 monthly from prostituting trafficked women, who receive zero profit.10.
In countries that serve as depots for sex-tourist, the relative incomes for prostitution can be very high, resulting in families selling their daughters to pimps and traffickers, the sex sector generates from two to fourteen percent of GDP in South Asian countries.11 The girls involved receive little of this money as it is siphoned back to male family heads in rural areas.12 The International Labor Organization reports that in Thailand “close to US$300 million is transferred annually to rural families by women working in the sex sector, a sum that exceeds the budgets of government-funded development programmes.”13 In the United States, girls involved in prostitution can generate over five hundred dollars an evening, but usually receive less than five percent of such, from their pimps.14.
Responses to date in the European Union and the United States.
Despite the fact that solicitation and other related activities are illegal in the United States and Europe, both regions have traditionally focused on arresting the women involved, as opposed to arresting customers, traffickers, or pimps. In the United States this policy costs two thousand dollars per arrest, with major cities spending on average seven and a half million dollars annually.15 Because prostitution is demand driven such arrests do nothing to reduce the sex trade, in short the money is wasted. Arresting prostitutes as a means of combating prostitution usually results in an increase in the indebtedness of women to pimps, as well as in the amount of sex they must have to make up for lost income. Through focusing on the prosecution of women, the police, who are predominantly male, are also placed in a position where they can easily abuse their power. Police officers often do abuse their powers, one survey suggests that 20% of the abuse against prostitutes is conducted by police officers.16.
Residency laws are another example of misdirected policy. A woman participating in the prosecution of a trafficker will, at best, as in Belgium, the Netherlands or Italy, be allowed to remain in the country until the trial is over, at which point she will probably be deported. Other member states of the European Union as well as the United States are often not as lenient. In Germany, two young girls freed from sex slavery were deported immediately and banned from traveling to Germany for a number of years, a ban that extended to all Member States of the Schengen Treaty.17 This policy provides no incentive for women to attempt to prosecute their kidnappers and abusers, as these individuals may seek retribution when the women return to their country of origin.
To combat the problems associated with prostitution: trafficking, violence, and the objectification of women, two approaches are generally promoted. While advocates of prostitution as a form of employment suggest that legalization will ameliorate these problems, policy makers tend to recommend penalties as a means to deter prostitution.
The immediate problem with legalization is that it provides state sanction to the assertion that women are sex objects, while concurrently failing to eradicate illegal prostitution. Women working in legal brothels in the U.S., Europe and Asia are forced to turn over forty to fifty percent of their profits and may be required to remain in the brothel for up to ninety percent of their time, in a given seven-day work week.

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“What? Unappreciative of what’s before me? I can assure you that’s very much not the case. Just when I thought the world was being overrun by Abercrombie models Darcy sends me you,” Erik said with a seductive smile, running his hands slowly down my chest, stopping at the waistband of my pants, taking his time undoing the button and fly, pulling my pants down my legs. I kicked them off and stood still while Erik walked in a slow circle around me, hands trailing over my skin. When we stood facing each other again Erik sunk his hands in my long hair, pulling me close and placing his lips on mine. I was confused for a second, every TV show and movie I had ever seen always implied that prostitutes seldom kissed on the lips. Erik pulled back and looked at me, laughing a little.
“This isn’t Pretty Woman. Kissing isn’t some sort of forbidden act. In fact, most of your clients are looking for intimacy as well as the sex. If you don’t kiss me back I’m afraid that…”
I cut Erik off, wrapping my arms around his neck and pressing my lips to his, running my tongue over the seam of his lips which opened immediately for me. I kissed him deeply for a few minutes, letting my hands wander over his body. I didn’t wait for him to tell me to undress him but took the initiative on my own. I sunk down on my knees sliding his pants down his legs and stayed on my knees. He was already hard which had to be a good sign. I wrapped my lips around the head of his dick and sucked hard. Erik moaned and tangled my hair in his hands. I slid my mouth down the length of him, tounging the vein that ran down the underside. Erik moaned again, hands tightening in my hair. I swallowed him down all the way, burying my face in his groin. I had always been able to deep throat without problems but I never thought it would turn out to be a valuable job skill. It occurred to me that I was being paid to get him off. I waited for the feelings of degradation or disgust to come over me but none of those feelings registered. As I continued to suck him off enthusiastically he began moaning louder and breathing heavily.
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I crawled onto the bed, trying to be as seductive as possible but worrying that I just looked foolish. I looked at Erik over my shoulder but his eyes were trained on my ass. That had to be a good sign, right? His eyes finally met mine with a heated smile. He joined me on the bed, turning me over onto my back. I was surprised that he wanted to take me face to face, but it was his dime. Erik reached over to the bedside table, grabbing lube and a condom. Fuck! I wanted to plant my face in my hands in embarrassment. There were condoms in my pants but I had forgotten all about them in the heat of the moment. That wasn’t very professional of me, was it? My moronacy was forgotten when his slick fingers circled my entrance and pressed inside of me. He worked me over and my body couldn’t deny that it felt good. His fingers slid out of me, ripping open the condom wrapper and rolling it onto his cock. He spread my legs wider and entered me smoothly. He thrust inside me slowly at first and then began to pick up speed. If there was some rule about not enjoying yourself while you were being paid to give someone else pleasure I decided that rule could just fuck off. I lifted my legs from the bed, placing them over his shoulders. Erik gave me a wicked smile and pressed me further back on the bed until my knees were up around my ears. He circled his hips against mine.
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In 2002, for example, the FBI, along with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department and the U.S. embassy in San José, set up a bogus travel agency called, unsubtly, Costa Rican Taboo Vacations, which promised, in magazine and Internet ads, to supply tourists with “companions“ between the ages of 14 and 27. The feds say they were swamped with requests for information, and between December 2003 and August 2004 they arrested eleven people who’d paid deposits or booked trips—with what they believed was a legitimate commercial company—to have sex with kids. Among them: a South Carolina real estate agent and his wife who wanted a pair of 16-year-olds; a Hollywood, Florida, cop who also wanted two 16-year-olds; and a New Jersey middle-school teacher who paid $1,610 for a package that was to include two 12-year-olds.
That’s one example, the results from one fake company. Now eliminate the middleman, the cash deposits, the hard evidence. Just fly to Costa Rica, get drunk, meet a girl on the street. She’ll say she’s 18. Is she lying? She’s got an ID. Is it fake? How can anyone possibly tell? And will the local cops bust the guy who guesses wrong? Do they, in fact, mean it?
Paul Chaves is the man in charge of the Sexual Exploitation Unit in the Ministry of Public Security. He remembers, with something between bitterness and bemusement, when Costa Rica got slammed in the mid- 1990s by the foreign media shooting video of underage prostitutes in downtown San José. ABC, NBC, the BBC, even Spanish television. The government ministers would deny on camera that there was a problem, then the reporters would roll the tape, add some line about “trouble in paradise“—devastatingly effective television. “I know how the media works,“ Chaves says, and several times, because he has two brothers in journalism, which he also says several times.
He also knows that those foreign reporters were right and that his government was wrong—tactically and morally—to say otherwise. So now he’s saying the opposite. Confessing it, really, so aggressively and often that he seems almost to be doing penance for the whole country. He’s a small, blustery man of 36, quite proud of his accomplishments since he took over the Sexual Exploitation Unit two and a half years ago. (His 120-man department also covers juvenile gangs, auto theft, and, oddly, copyright infringement.) When he started, only six of his men worked the sex beat, he says, sharing one car and never leaving San José. Now he has more than forty officers on the job, covering the entire country. Why, just that day his officers rousted a woman who was pimping girls out of a beauty salon. “Pimps and pedophiles,“ he says. “Those are my two enemies.“
But not prostitutes. He is sympathetic: “Some girls who are doing this are students selling their bodies part-time.“ He is philosophical: “I don’t think it would be worth going after prostitutes. Nonsense. Anyone can sell her body to someone else.“ He is practical: “To try to police what women do with their bodies, or what men do with their bodies, we would be a police state.“
Valid points, all. He would acquit himself well in the academic debate. But what about the real-world debate? What about those 16- and 17-year-old prostitutes, the ones the TV crews caught on video and the ones who are still in the park by the Holiday Inn? Don’t they come with the territory? Isn’t that why those signs are cluttering up the airport, making all the legitimate tourists skittish?
“Sometimes,“ he says, “I have my doubts.“ Thoughtful pause. “Any man can make a mistake.“
So, no, all those airport signs—apparently, they don’t mean it.
Chaves hails a cab. It’s a long ride to his home on the outskirts of San José. He talks the whole way. About his 120 officers. About how helpful the United States and Britain have been. About his hatred of pimps and pedophiles. About his government finally admitting it has a problem with both.
The cab stops at his house. The chief of the Sexual Exploitation Unit tells the driver, who doesn’t speak English, to go on to the Holiday Inn, then says good night. He gets out and closes the door.
The cabbie flips on the dome light, reaches back with his right hand. There’s a small pink card between his fingers for a place called Scarlett’s Gentlemen’s Club.
He knows enough English to get by.
Sean Flynn is a GQ correspondent. With additional reporting by Greg Veis .
Costa Rica Travel Guide.
Prostitutes in Costa Rica.
Lets start this prostitution in Costa Rica post with something a bit light hearted. Did you know the prostitution in Costa Rica is legal, but the pimping of prostitutes is not? Seems ironic doesn’t it? Even more ironic is that escort services are also legal. I guess escort services in Costa Rica really do translate into legal pimping services.

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Amanpour resurrecting the spirit of Rahab IN SELLING HER OWN PEOPLE OUT to MASS-MURDER ANNIHILATION.
24 Then they burned the whole city and everything in it, but they put the silver and gold and the articles of bronze and iron into the treasury of the Lord ’s house. 25 But Joshua spared Rahab the prostitute , with her family and all who belonged to her, because she hid the men Joshua had sent as spies to Jericho —and she lives among the Israelites to this day.
THE WHORE of JERICHO is actually an interesting story that has far more substance and resonance than the more well known but less substantive, more metaphorical “whore of Babylon” story.
What is so interesting about the rather horrid story of the JEWISH ANNIHILATION of the terrified inhabitants of Jericho, is that the story is OSTENSIBLY about the MIGHT and GLORY of god.
As every Sunday schooled child knows, the “great” story of Jericho shows how Joshua led his (bloodthirsty, genocidal little band of warmongering) Jews to surround and besiege the terrified residents of Jericho. and then, after seven days of the jew priests and religious leaders blowing their damn horns, “g-o-d” helped the jews to slaughter the men, women, children, AND BABIES (and animals) of the doomed city, by SMASHING down the walls that defended the doomed city in a mighty crash.
the MIGHT and GLORY of G-O-D smashing down mighty defensive wall; just what is with that whole ‘ the HARLET of JERICHO taking in Joshua’s SPIES’ story?”
In our below bible text clip, we show that there was indeed NO NEED for either a prostitute or Joshua’s jewish SPIES: “g-o-d” COMMANDS Joshua to send his army to besiege Jericho, and then, after Joshua followed the procedures as g-o-d instructed , then g-o-d SMASHED the walls down with NO NEED for human assistance – Joshua’s SPIES and their treacherous WHORE are frivolous elements, nothing but embellishments to the story, if “almighty”, all-seeing ‘g-o-d’ COMMANDED Joshua to send his army to Jericho, then WHY the need for spies or whores?
The only reason Joshua would have sent spies to consort with whores in Jericho, is if he would have been DOUBTING g-o-d’s commands!
In fact, this is a perfect example of bible literature INVERTING reality :
the story of Jews sending SPIES and ASSASSINS to BRIBE TRAITORS among their future victims is the REAL story.
so too today do we have CNN MEDIA WHORE war-pig Christiane Ananpour, WANTING TO HELP AL QAEDA Sunni Islamic JIHADIS – HIRED and recruited by the CIA, Saudis, Britain, France, Turkey, NATO, Saudis, Qataris, Bahrainis, Kuwaitis AND THE INSANE JEWS (israel) from all over the radicalized Islamic world – KILL SYRIAN CHRISTIANS, Kurds, Druze, Allawites, Shia (also Muslims) and all other ethnic & religious minorities in SYRIA – all while bleating about her own self-professed “HUMANITARIAN” principles!!
below video: brutal JEWISH SPONSORED “ETHNIC CLEANSING” and MASS MURDER of a CHRISTIAN village in Syria. all so the INSANE jews can prepare for their total, ruthless GAZA style ETHNIC CLEANSING of Syria in preparation for the ANNEXATION of Syria in to the demented “eratz israel” “GREATER ISRAEL” GENOCIDAL, insane judeo war state!

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If you are down with P4P, it’s okay, you will find girls looking for an extra buck or two in the bigger cities (Agadir, Marrakech, Tangier, Fez).
They usually hang around in the nightclubs found at hotels or major tourist destinations. The medinas are also good place for 4p4.
They are down, but at a cost.
Dont know about the link.
I took the ferry from spain to Nador in Marocco some years (things might have changed) , had an awsome time travelling around here. Met som really cool guys that took care off me.
Got some pussy attenion (specially in the smaller places, kinda off-the beaten track), even girls walking up to me asking where Im from and stuff, giving me their phone numbers. Talked to them, met up on the beach.
But nothing more really happened. Remember this is an islamic country (biggest cock-block).
It seemed to me that they where always worried being seen togehter with me (an infidel) by brothers , family or friends of the family.
Many places I could’nt even get a beer. A night time they usually just sat around small cafes drinking chai and smoking kif. No girls around.
They also told me that moroccons that have family and/or the possibility, goes to france for party,coke, and girls. French-Morrocon/Moroccon-french girls are much more easier.
Drinking is expensive.
The country can easily become tiring; there is always somebody trying to rip you off and alot hassel, and hussling.
If found Tangier to be awful. People always coming up to me trying to sell me shit (from drugs to virgins) or begging for money, at cafes, in the street, even on the beach.
The two swedish girls I met, said that they had guys calling them whores and insulting them.
I wouldnt go back.
I wouldnt go back.
Well, compared to the normal Moroccan girls those Swedes were almost certainly sluts. lol.
Anyway I don’t recommend to lone Western girls to travel those countries without boys, the locals can be really pushy and annoying.

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