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* Professor Peter Stanley is a military historian at the University of NSW, Canberra. This article was first published in Eureka Street, a publication of the Australian Jesuits.
Friday, 25 December 2015.
NGOs in Greece: Balkan Recolonisation as a NWO Project?
The Greek Minister for Migration Mouzalas announced that Greece has spent 1.5 billion euros on migrant flows into the country using state and private providers ranging from the Navy to the commercial shipping fleet.
Monday, 14 December 2015.
Neo Liberal Globalisation and Mass Migration: The Example of Greece.
in Greece, a number which represents 20% of the total population, is a ‘conscious lie’! Whilst truth is that Europe closed its borders a long time ago, stopped immigration, became a Fortress. The simple Greek worker who believes in the opposite doesn’t have a consciousness of reality! As this reality isn’t one which is witnessed daily in their journeys on public transport, in factories, on.
ships, on building sites and public works, but that which exists in the realms of fantasy.
traditions of the Greek labor movement are broken with the replacement of the natural carriers of these traditions not by the 33% of the Greek TUC report but by 100%, with the support of the ‘leftist’ globalists.
standard of life of the hungry and dispossessed but to destroy whatever was achieved by struggle by Western workers and to globalize immiseration.
If Turkey does not accept repatriation Greece cannot be the EU’s reservoir of lost souls. This was the new common refrain. Without officially abolishing Dublin II, Germany gave the green light for millions to arrive in the EU. Syriza complied.
Archive of Our Own beta.
Today is International Fanworks Day!
We’re hosting several events to celebrate. Come play games in our chat room, take part in Feedback Fest, Fanlore challenges, our short fanworks challenge, or keep our #WhatFanworksMeantoMe event going in your other fannish spaces. You might even win a prize!
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Hope Remembered II – Fury.
Cassandra goes after the Horsemen.
where we’re going,
where’s the rhyme.
and where’s the reason.
The Eve of the Day of the Dead was a good day to hunt. It would be a good day to kill. It would even be a good day to die.
Cassandra was ready to do either. Usually, during the three thousand years which she had survived, usually she had been the hunted. But today—on this last day of the year, on this day when the wheel turned from the light to the dark, on this day sacred to the Dark Goddess—today on this day she was the Huntress, and her prey was near.
Cassandra had been hunting Kronos for four months, ever since June, when she had found out he was still alive. She had tracked him to Seacouver yesterday, and only a few moments ago she had seen him on the far side of the television studio’s back lot. He had smiled and waved, then disappeared into the rows of abandoned storehouses, a flattened barren space where only weeds grew.
She moved silently through the narrow alleys that ran between the buildings, the sand rough and grating under her feet. Even through her jacket, the mid-autumn breeze was damp and chill as it came from the water, bringing with it the sharp tang of fish and tar. Oily scum floated on the puddles left from the recent rain, and the water showed black from the darkness of the clouds.
It would be a good place to die. The hilt of her sword was smooth in her hand, the familiar weight both comforting and exhilarating. Soon.
Cassandra froze as the sensation of another Immortal crawled up her spine and lodged itself at the base of her skull, an angry, insistent ache. She gritted her teeth at the temporary pain and eased back silently into the shadows of the alley. She heard footsteps now, coming closer. It was a careful tread, quick but light, a slight hardness to the sound that meant boots, not rubber soles, a rhythm to the stride that meant man, not woman. Kronos.
He came closer, and she could hear the whisper of cloth against cloth. Cassandra shifted her grip on her sword. Closer still, and now she could hear the faintest hint of breathing, the rough scrape of shoes on concrete instead of on sand. Finally, after three thousand years, she did not have to wait anymore. She balanced over both feet, finding her center. Cassandra was ready to kill. She was eager to kill.
She was dying to kill.
A little closer. Just a bit more. and NOW!
She pivoted from her hiding place and swung her sword in one smooth motion, vengeance and bloodlust tracing fire through her veins. Cassandra felt the hammered shock of steel against steel surging from her hands to her shoulders with relief and hate and joy.
But it was not Kronos. It was Duncan MacLeod, the Highland Foundling.
“What are you doing?” Duncan demanded as he stepped back, his sword still blocking hers, his long tan coat swaying with the force of the impact.
“Trying to kill someone!” Cassandra shot back, wondering how he could ask such a stupid question. “What does it look like?”

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let them ‘enjoy’ and leave them alone! You might as well try to stop them by castration!
just leave them alone…
It looks like nothing is sacred anymore. As time goes on and the elderly population increases, there will have to be a policy to deal with it. Rather than just increasing welfare benefits, we need a plan to create jobs for these people.
Well, it’s good that people are still active in the twilight of their years, does the government really have to interfere with this. Call the Minister of Gender Equality and Families.
Damn! the world is crazy these days.
What do you mean, ‘crackdown’? Give them something to live on.
! a crackdown on prostitution?? how about the high class room salons or massage parlors? are you kidding? stop with this double standard.
If they make ?20,000 each time, two times means they can buy a sack of barley. It is amazing to see how some people still work so hard to pay off their family’s debt, even as they become older. The old women of Korea, who worked so hard to help our nation recover throughout history, are still trying to earn money. You have the utmost respect of your country.
Prostitution for male mountain climbers reveals the complexity of problems facing South Korea.
(1) Few jobs available for the elderly in a country that finds young job seekers feel hard it to land a job amid a protracted economic slowdown.
(2) Growing aging population, the considerable number of which lives in poverty with no eligiblity for welfare benefits or.
(3) Sex trade among seniors, a shocking incident that could further undermine the Confucious tradition of the respect for elderly people.
(4) Deteriorating public perception of mountaineering which is increasingly associated by extramarital affairs among climbers in the public view.
(5) a contradiction in public responses, as showned in Netizen’ comment, that senior-targeting prostitution at mountain trails may need acqueiscence, instead of the application anti-prositution law, compared with calls for draconian punishment of sexual crimes that has been burgeoning in recent years.
I’m going hiking!
So you want to buy sex from old ladies? eww..
Me too!! Booking my tickets now for Seoul.
Heh, you learn something new everyday.
Yes, it’s so true: every single day, whether you want to or not.
Yeah but it doesn’t surprise me at all. I’d never lived anywhere where sex is so easy to get then Korea. When I was there, I can’t tell you how many married men made me offers. I had a lot of men hit on me and most were married.
I also saw that many, many elderly were very poor and didn’t have much help. I can see this easily being a reality. Korea should have a safety net for it’s elderly and orphans and single mothers.
sex is pretty easy to buy anywhere in the world .. as for those husbands hitting on you, pretty white girls are still rare in korea and usually mistaken for russian prostitutes.. korean wives need to report their husbands as adultrery is against the law ..
If I saw you in real life. Going by your display picture. I would try to start a conversation with you. Well at least take a double look.
They all probably thought you were a Russian prostitute.
I guess if you’re too short-sighted to save for retirement, being an elderly prostitute is one of your options.
I’m just planning to commit suicide.
You should be yourself.
So that’s why hiking is so popular, and here’s me thinking they were just enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery.
Oh well, good luck to them. As along as they go about it discreetly and are not ‘in your face’ about it.
Hiking is very popular in Korea……
It’s going to be even more popular now.
Ewwwww no thanks .. I wonder if them ahjummas are just as pushy as the bible thumpers at the gaju market parking lots .. they seriously gotta find a new hustle ..
Open your fly, sit down, close your eyes and enjoy. You wont be able to tell the difference between a 60 year old or 20 year old pair of lips.
The 60+-year old may even be better, especially if they have no teeth.
But I think if they made some moaning noises it might be a slight turn off.
Wow… even hiking they get prostitution service. For real? Unbelievable. So pervert. Who would think about something like that?
Desperate older women with no source of income, it would seem 🙁
People with no income are all desperate, but they shouldn’t do prostitution, murder, or stealing. Prostitution can spread disease too. The risk is always there. Any country have legalized prostitution is a fool.
Prostitution is legal in Las Vegas, Nevada USA.
That is why it’s called the sin city. Drugs and prostitution.
Prostitution is *not* legal in Las Vegas, or anywhere in Clark County. Drugs are not legal, either.
It’s hilarious when japanese or chinese try to say prostitution is only bad in korea when it’s just as prevalent in their countries .. where the hell did geishas and concubines come from?
I criticize them too in CS and JC. That’s why they call them CSmack, JC, and KB.

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Sex Scene and Prostitution.
Prostitution in Iran is illegal , and incurs various punishments ranging from fines and jail terms to execution for repeat offenders.
Back in 2002, the Iranian newspaper Entekhab estimated that there were nearly 85,000 prostitutes in just Tehran alone. In that city, and especially in nearby suburbs, there are neighborhoods where heavily made-up hookers in traditional garb stand idly at traffic circles. Prospective customers drive by slowly to check out the human wares, then make a deal. The visual difference between an ordinary citizen wearing makeup who happens to be standing alone and an actual whore is, again, quite subtle. Apparently, mistakes are not uncommon.
In 2006 the head of the Sociology Association of Iran Amanollah Gharai had estimated that there were at least 200,000 street girls in Tehran. It has also been reported that there are some 6,053 hookers behind bars across the country whose age is between 12 and 25 years.
In the Tehran?s Red-light district, known as Shahr-e-no or New Town. In 1979, revolutionaries launched a crackdown on brothels and tore them down. Now risking the death penalty, Iranian prostitutes began to work more discretely on the street. Over time, they developed new ways to solicit clients.
Prostitutes and Sex Workers.
The sex workers of the Greater Tehran are divided into three groups: 1) Sex workers from south of Tehran whose motivation is to satisfy their basic needs or even to have a place to sleep. 2) Sex workers from north of Tehran, or high-class sex workers, who have the power to decide their own working conditions, such as their fees and the type of clients. 3) All of the other sex workers whose conditions are in-between these two groups.
In Iran foreiners are very well welcomed by girls. Not only they are easy to achieve, they are very hot and smell good. Mostly always shaved, always newly showered, with great and expensive perfumes.
The only trouble that you may have in Iran is a place to have sex with a girl. Because it’s forbidden for Hotels to allow you in with an Iranian lady.
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There is two kind of legal marriage in Iran. Long time and short time.
For long time you’ll have a lot of responsibility, so it is not the best option.
But for short time it’s very easy and it’s exactly like boyfriend/girlfriend partners in other countries. Again you have different methods.
find a divorced woman and she does not need any permission for do the marriage. find a girl with open minded family to allow their daughter to marry for short time. embezzle is the last solution. You can give some offices for about $100-150 to give you the marriage paper.
You can marry a woman for an hour. 4 hours, a day, week, month or a couple of months. That way you can legally have sex with the women.

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