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Hi Leo, I am from Toronto, Canada. I am first time going to Riga. Need your help. Appreciate if you contact me Thx Selim Toronto Canada.
Went friday-monday this November. Never going back to Riga. Felt uncomfortable when going out, with this I mean both early evenings AND nights. We went a group of 15, all ages.
Steer clear. Country of scam, husslers and rude girls, especially the Russians. My mate was forced to pay €870 for 5 drinks in a club. The girls are beautiful but have no brain, dumb as f***. Go to Prague instead.
Is there nightlife during the week or just on the weekend? Thank you.
I pay in Riga for Taxi not more than 4 usd on every trip , just got this link and registring trip whit them. Waiting time 5-15 min.
hey guys, does anyne know what riga will be like in february? thanks, nick.
By far the best city in the Baltics to party!
I found the people very friendly, and the nightlife was fantastic! Also, I thought us Scots knew how to drink, but I was put well in my place by the locals! Respect!
All I can say is – Latvians sure know how to party!
I am south african and travelled all over the world many countries.I find america and uk more trouble then Latvia.Make friends with Latvians and you will never have troubles. If you don’t want to do that learn the language before visiting a country and respect their rules and culture and no trouble will find you.If you going to boast with money and chat to girls that don’t want you and think your money will get you what you want you wrong.A cocky tourist will always find trouble in any country its common sence.For some reason the yanks and brits think they rule the world and they dont you dont respect woman or foriengners. Its not your country so respect it.If you came to my country and act like pissed up brit or western tourist or any tourist the same would happen to you if not worse probably get shot or stabbed if you go to Johannesburg and act like idiot.If you cant behave or respect other cultures and countries i suggest you don’t go abroad at all.I have been to latvia more than a hundred times got latvian friends have nothing bad to say about latvia its beautiful country great people very interesting langauge.word of advise if you go latvia try going to countryside not just riga theres lots nice places like valmeria,Cesis,liepaja sigulda beautiful places no tourists usaully go there.I dont like going where everyone else has been discover latvia in different way you shall have no troubles.I dont blame tourist i blame their cultures whilst abroad it doesn’t respect other countries either.I love latvia its great place to go on holiday best country in the Baltics.
All the bad reviews r bullshit if u got robbed u deserved I’m from Boston born in Latvia I got back every year for the last 15 years nothing like this has never happen u guys just need to be smart and respectfully not wild and drunk and if u go to a club go to coyote fly best club in Riga always having special events . and ps stop using credit cards take some cash out the ATM forget about ur wallet in ur room and go out have a good time stop blaming the city on ur bad choices and mistakes.
Okay. Just went to Riga with 7buddies with no expectations. The 1st day we didnt know anything and ended up on what everyone here hates, the lame miniclubs and scamming-women that suddenly appears from nowhere. But behold! the second day whe asked locals where these known club places where. And one club, called Club 69, was an amazing place. A complex with 7-9clubs and Club69 being the biggest. We just called the club ordered a table on the dancefloor and ordered couple of liters of booze. Might be a little expensive, but totally worth it! Best club ever! XD Best part is the club doesnt really take of until 1am and lasts until dawn break (6-8am)
Within our stay at Riga we want to go into the JUST Bar, but it is not allowed for people from Germany. @ latvian people from the JUST BAR: think abaout your history and where are you from! At Germany you are all the time welcome! Why we are not welcome at Lativa?
We Are going tonight to the El Divino Riga! Meet You There! El Divino Ibiza was fantastic, think the Riga will be the best one.
i been to latvia more than 18 times during 8 years and i never get any problem with any one i like this country and true i want to come again and agian pls dont believe whats is writen here until u try with ur self most of the problem it happend bcs some of the men they dont want to use there mind and they get drunk and they run like crazy for the girls only bcs of this they got all the problems in the bars really there is many nice place u can visit and u can enjoy ur time there spicial in the summer .
Boring city, why does it have this fame for nightlife? I’m amazed to see how boring it is. Most of the bars are small, half empty bars, overpriced and boring. That on a Saturday night! On a Sunday night it was simply depressing, almost everything closed! Beware of girls that flirt wi you on the street. I’m sorry, mates, it’s not that you’re good looking, they’re basically prostitutes who want you to invite them to drinks. But, at least with a prostitute you know what you’re paying for. Here you’ll just be scammed for nothing. You’re warned. And the most annoying thing: Places such as Just Bar and others, DONT ALLOW FOREIGNERS. It’s locals only. I was told so by the bouncer, even though i was dressing smart, was not drunk at all and was on my own! I don’t know you guys, but for me this is a no-no. If they hate foreigners so much, I guess that we should help them and not go there at all. Btw, I hate stag parties and such demonstrations of collective stupidity, but anyway I was treated as just another rubbish tourist. In summary, a beautiful city to visit with lovely and charming people. during the day. Nightlife is an horrendous hole.

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…Large numbers of Chinese began arriving in northern Mexico in the late 1800s, drawn by jobs in railroad construction and cotton. The country represented a haven from the United States, which had passed the Chinese Exclusion Act, an 1882 law that banned Chinese immigration.
But from the moment they began to arrive, they faced racism, which was exacerbated during the 1910-17 Mexican Revolution and its aftermath, when the country was trying to build a national identity that celebrated the mixture of Indian and Spanish cultures.
Mexican women who married Chinese men were considered traitors, and in some cases families disowned them. With the Great Depression, large numbers of destitute Mexicans began returning home from the United States and resentment about the financial success of Chinese people grew.
“Even though there was a small number of Chinese people, their economic prowess and their position in the labor force made them a threat,” said Fredy Gonzalez, a Ph.D. candidate in history at Yale University who is studying 20th century Chinese migration to Mexico.
In the northern border state of Sonora, anti-Chinese leagues formed and thousands of Chinese were taken to the border with the U.S. and forced to cross. Because of the Chinese Exclusion Act they were immediately detained by U.S. immigration officials and sent to China…
Read the entire article here or here.
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Han Suyin Dies; Wrote Sweeping Fiction.
Han Suyin, a physician and author known for writing the sweeping novel that became the Hollywood film “Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing” and for her outspoken championing of China under Mao Zedong, died on Friday at her home in Lausanne, Switzerland.
As with many aspects of Dr. Han’s life, the precise year of her birth is uncertain, but she was believed to have been 96. Her granddaughter, Karen Shepard, confirmed the death.
The daughter of a Chinese father and a Belgian mother, Dr. Han was born and reared in China but wrote primarily in English and French. In more than two dozen books, including novels, a multivolume memoir and laudatory biographies of Mao and Zhou Enlai, she had the singular task, during the 1950s and afterward, of simultaneously explaining China to the West and the West to China…
…Dr. Han was born on Sept. 12, most likely in 1916, her granddaughter said — not in 1917, as has been reported over the years. The city of her birth is uncertain: it may have been Xinyang, in the Henan Province. Her parents eventually settled in Beijing, where she grew up.
At birth, Dr. Han was given the Chinese name Kuang-Hu Chou; she was also known early on by a Western name believed to have been Rosalie Matilda Chou, though she preferred to call herself Elizabeth. (At the start of her writing career she took the pen name Han Suyin, which she liked to translate as “a common little voice.”)
Growing up as a mixed-race child, Dr. Han later said, she felt she had a foot in each of two words but a secure footing in neither. Her mother, she told The New York Times in 1985, caustically referred to her as “the yellowish object.”…
Read the entire obituary here.
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China’s Mixed Views on Mixed People.
“Little girl, wait! Take picture?” Over the four years I spent in China as a child, I was grabbed and tugged by the arm hundreds of times by strangers who all had the same curious and excited gleam in their eyes. My other foreign friends, who stood out in a sea of black-haired heads with their blonde hair and blue eyes, were also common targets of these harmless attacks. There always seemed to be a difference, though, in how the swift picture-takers treated me in comparison to the other kids. Since I am half-Chinese and half-white, I was the only one among us who looked kind of un-foreign, kind of like them. Sometimes this would render preferential treatment, as the picture-takers would say I was the most exotic looking one; other times, I was deemed not exotic enough to be in their pictures, and instead received confused glances as they turned away. I never knew which one was better or worse.
Read the entire article here.
Comments Off on China’s Mixed Views on Mixed People.
Portuguese and Luso-Asian Legacies in Southeast Asia, 1511-2011, Volume 2: The Making of the Luso-Asian World: Culture and Identity in the Luso-Asian World: Tenacities & Plasticities.
Soft cover ISBN: 978-981-4345-50-7.
Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore.
also Associate Professor Emerita in the Division of Liberal Arts and International Studies at Colorado School of Mines (Golden, Colorado)
“In 1511, a Portuguese expedition under the command of Afonso de Albuquerque arrived on the shores of Malacca, taking control of the prosperous Malayan port-city after a swift military campaign. Portugal, a peripheral but then technologically advanced country in southwestern Europe since the latter fifteenth century, had been in the process of establishing solid outposts all along Asia’s litoral in order to participate in the most active and profitable maritime trading routes of the day. As it turned out, the Portuguese presence and influence in the Malayan Peninsula and elsewhere in continental and insular Asia expanded far beyond the sphere of commerce and extended over time well into the twenty-first century.

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This is the original red light district. It is two parallel lanes off Silom Road (Sala Daeng BTS Station) that have become touristy and include a night market famous for fake goods. The girls here are sexy, but expensive, and a bit jaded. It’s all very touristy, and you should beware the forceful tactics of the ‘sex shows’ upstairs. There’s also a ‘Japanese-only’ lane full of karaoke hookers farther along Silom road, known as Soi Thaniya.
Nana Plaza prostitutes.
The busiest area for Bangkok prostitutes, Nana is also the biggest of the girlie bar areas. It’s on Soi (lane) 4, off Sukhumvit Road and near Nana BTS Station. Inside the arcade are numerous bars, both open-air and discreetly closed, where you can relax over a drink and choose from many girls.
There are also many freelancers on the streets nearby, and other bars down Soi 4. Across Sukhumvit Road on Soi 3 is a similar, but more discreet, section popular with Middle Eastern clientele. Here, Arab men can enjoy alcohol-free bars and even meet European hookers in Bangkok (Arabic speaking Russian girls).
The newest of the three is a lane off Asoke Road, near Sukhumvit Road (Asoke BTS Station), not far from Nana. This is a little less touristy and the hookers are more down-to-earth. Mostly you will find go-go bars here, which are not as informal as the girlie bars, but they do have the sexiest girls – sometimes topless or even naked. It’s one contained strip of neon-covered go-gos on a pedestrianised street.
Finding prostitutes when in Bangkok is not difficult, embarrassing or dangerous. Visiting any one of the areas above you will discover a carefree party atmosphere where you can dance, sing (karaoke), drink, eat and meet girls as if you were in your hometown disco.
Girls might approach you, but you can sit alone and choose or move on at will. It’s a good idea to get to know the prostitutes; to be sure you enjoy the company of the one you eventually take home. The hookers will happily party with you, if you buy them drinks (slightly more expensive as they include a commission for the girl). When you are ready to take one of the prostitutes home, you will have to pay a bar fine, which is from 300 -600 baht depending on the establishment. If you’ve behaved badly, though, the girl might turn down your bar fine.
Some hotels don’t mind you bringing bar girls back to your room as long as you are discreet, while others forbid it or will try to charge you extra. To save you the embarrassment we’ve enquired with all of them and listed those that are suitable for bachelors; see the list, rates and booking here .
Once your bill is settled the two of you are free to leave. From there it’s entirely up to you – a disco, restaurant, your hotel room, a short-time hotel room – but you should first agree a fee with the hooker (before the bar fine). How much depends on; how much you want her, how beautiful she thinks she is, how busy/slow it is, and whether you want her for ‘short time’ or all night. Your looks may also make a difference on price and availability.
In Bangkok, prostitutes can also be found in the massage parlours, which are a more discreet and traditional Thai venue for sex. There are plenty of these, mostly servicing Thais, and here you can find hookers for a quick and private session. Most tuk-tuk drivers will eagerly take you to one, and inside you’ll find a large selection of ladies. Choose one and then she’ll take you off for a ‘ soapy massage ’ in a hot bath, and sex, for about 1,500 baht. These girls are less friendly, might not speak English and go with many more men during a week’s work.
There is also the option to use escort agencies to find prostitutes in Bangkok. These are advertised online, where you can book a girl in advance to come to your hotel, in case you don’t like trawling the bars. They are more ‘high-class’, generally go with fewer men, and are often professional girls (apparently) who do this part time for extra cash.
Escorts are far more expensive, however (minimum 5,000 baht for ‘short time’), and though they might be professional at giving you a good time, there is no chance to know beforehand if she’s a fun character. Unless you are shy or new to all this, you’re better off meeting and partying first with a girl in a go-go bar, where the whole night out including drinks and bar fine for a Bangkok hooker will be less than 3,000 baht (US$100).
Hello! My name is Pranee! Very nice to meet you! I am a petite asian beauty who offers first class girlfriend experience! I am full of passion and love to.
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My name is oon. I am a mature escort who is a Grandmother but I work out and yes my pictures are recent. I am a talented multi-lingual lady who can also speak.

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Maybe you can get their number and hook up at your hotel after their shift, but they will likely charge you a lot of money. Read up on our strip club tips before you go.
All the gentlemens clubs are going to be costly, expect a steep cover charge, expensive drinks, and expensive lap dances. But if you want to go see some very sexy naked Ibiza girls you can head to Calle Sta Agnes in San Antonio.
Here you will find two of the better strip clubs in the city in Taboo and The Sin Ibiza. A few others you may want to try are Michelangelo Club, Pure Platinum, and Oz Theater.
Another good expensive European summer party destination is Marbella.
Happy Ending Massage Parlors In Ibiza.
Happy ending massage in Ibiza is another good way to look for girls for sex, but like everything here it is going to be costly. Narrowing down exactly how much a erotic sex massage will cost is always hard because you have to negotiate the happy ending.
Expect to pay in the 100-200 euro neighborhood all in for your massage with extra services. A lot of these massage parlors offer all sorts of different services like tantric massage, four hands massage, and body to body massage.
A few rub and tugs that are known to give good service are:
Alone Tantric Massage Lolita Tantra Massage Valeria Tanric Massage Ibiza.
All of these adult spas for men and many more offer in call or out call. You can meet girls online that do massage as well quite easily here, some will come to your hotel room, others will ask you to come to theirs. There is more good nightlife all over the Costa del Sol.
Brothels are always one of the easiest ways to meet girls for sex. You show up, pick one of the sexy ladies, and get on with it. No playing games, just wham bam thank you mam and get on with your night.
Once again the price at a brothel in Ibiza will be in the 100-200 Euro range generally. Some that you may want to visit are Blanco Y Negro in San Antonio on Carretera KM 1 , Tyfanys 2 on Morante and C/Pereira 1, and Blue Rose on C/Navarra 27.
You can also easily meet high class escorts in Ibiza online that will offer in call and out call. Some of them may work in these brothels and if you want to do in call they will tell you to come there.
Royal Escorts and Ibiza Escort Girls are a couple of agencies where you may want to call and try to find your high class escort. This link breaks down the online mongering scene in this country.
If you wanted to meet girls that weren’t hookers use Adult Friend Finder. There are thousands of active female users on that hook up site in Spain, more than most countries in the world.
Good Luck Finding Sex In Ibiza.
That wraps up this Ibiza sex guide, the nightlife here is world renowned and for good reason. You can find some of the most stunning girls in Europe and it can be a mongers paradise if he has the budget for it.
There are high class escorts in the nightclubs, streetwalkers, erotic massage parlors, brothels, swingers clubs and strip clubs as well. Meeting girls online gets easier by the day too!
This Spain mongering guide breaks down all of the best ways to find girls around the country. Good luck finding girls for sex in Ibiza.

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Well, I see some people suggest you some kind of low-level sex workers. That is totally fine (let’s hope they’re not slaves and their health is ok :P).
What I DO know is that you can spend a gorgeous time with some luxury well-educated and elegant women from 200–300€ per hour, for example in our escort agency.
There are other agencies that possibly are more expensive. But I think that if you want to guarantee your health and pleasure, you shouldn’t go anywhere with anyone. And you also guarantee that those girls don’t do it against their will.
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Franck Ribery football scandal prostitute breaks her silence.
The teenage call girl accused of sleeping with at least three French football stars when she was underage broke her silence over the scandal announcing: “loved them all”.
Peter Allen, Paris.
6:55PM BST 21 Apr 2010.
Zahia Dehar, now 18, said she was “shocked” that the players were facing up to three years in prison for the crime.
She said that Franck Ribery, 27, Karim Benzema, 22, and Sidney Govou, 30, had all treated her “with utter respect” and should be left alone.
It came as provocative pictures of the would-be model were released in Paris.
Mr Ribery, a ?40 million target for Chelsea, flew the young French Moroccan to a hotel in Germany, where he is currently a winger for Bayern Munich, last Spring.

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