Here, we see two men, chosen by Joshua to scout the land of Jericho. And when they arrive to Jericho, they stay at a prostitute’s house. Her name was Rahab and she is praised in the Hall of Faith and also is an ancestor of Jesus Christ. She was not an “inn keaper” or a “hostess”. If you look at the Hebrew words for “harlot’s house”, you discover it means, “house of a woman who is a harlot”.

Here, we see two men, chosen by Joshua to scout the land of Jericho. And when they arrive to Jericho, they stay at a prostitute’s house. Her name was Rahab and she is praised in the Hall of Faith and also is an ancestor of Jesus Christ. She was not an “inn keaper” or a “hostess”. If you look at the Hebrew words for “harlot’s house”, you discover it means, “house of a woman who is a harlot”.
Rahab later on married Salma and gave birth to Boaz, who ended up being Ruth’s husband, who is an ancestor of Jesus Christ.
So, we see, in the Hall of Faith , she was saved, because of her faith and protecting the spies of God, while being a prostitute:
Even Paul calls her a “harlot” and says she was saved by her faith. How more direct can it be said? If you look at the word “harlot” in the passage, you discover it means, “a woman who sells her body for sexual uses”.
Now, is that the only prostitute that made it to Heaven? A very good question. Here is the answer according to Jesus himself:
According to this scripture, the prostitutes and tax collectors will make it to Heaven before these religious leaders of Jesus day. What an amazing statement ! Can you imagine any person saying such a thing?
If that was not amazing enough, lets take a look at Sampson’s life.
FIRST, he had the Spirit of the Lord within him:
SECOND, he slept with a prostitute (maybe Delilah here?):
THIRD, he did not loose God’s Spirit until his hair was cut:
As you can see in the passage above, the Spirit of the Lord departed him only after his hair was cut. Meaning, God’s Spirit, was in him, while sleeping with this harlot in verse 1 and while again sleeping with Delilah a couple times, thereafter. How do we know that he was having sex and not just “staying the night”? Because he actually left at midnight, not the next morning on the first time. How do we know that Delilah was acting as a prostitute? Because she did it for 1,100 pieces of silver.
Why is it God’s Spirit left him when his hair was cut? It is because he broke his covenant with God. As the Nazarite vow required for their hair not to be cut as part of the covenant vow:
Read this passage above carefully. Notice something? A Nazarite is not allowed to become “unclean” and is to be “holy” . Yet, Sampson, who took the Nazarite vow, had God’s Spirit within him and did not break his covenant with God, WHILE sleeping with a prostitute!
This just goes to prove, it is actually true. A man can sleep with a harlot, without sinning ! Of course, the harlot can not be a “temple prostitute” and can not be “married”. Otherwise, it would be “idolatry” and “adultery”. Further, note that Sampson is not bound in a marriage contract (as his wife died before he slept with a prostitute).
It is one of those things, where you study it and just can not believe it . And you want to return to your previous viewpoint, am I right? You can not even take it, because it seems so wrong according to common teaching from scripture! Yes, I felt the same way when I read this other guy’s argument. But, it makes logical sense and fits too well. Yet, it is like opening some pandora’s box that you were not suppose to find.
Regarding the potential that Sampson sinned and broke his Nazarite vow prior to these events: I don’t think it is as clear and many seem to assume. I have read various comments online, and I am surprised at how quick people are to make judgements based on their understanding. First, one person states that he married a Philistine woman named Timnah and claims that this was obviously sinful. However, Sampson’s own devout parents were not sure if it is of God or not. So, first, his parents were not sure if it was right or wrong, and they knew far more about their own culture, time period and how to apply God’s law to their own lives, than a person today would know. Second, according to scripture, he did it to get a foot-hold of controversy with the Philistines, and that it was “of the Lord”. Second, a person states, he killed hundreds of people, so he touched many dead bodies. However, this is bad logic. All those people he had slain are not actually dead for atleast a few minutes after the death blow (as various functions in the body are still in operation). This would mean, he did not touch any dead bodies, to our knowledge here. Third, many people claim he drank wine. There is not one verse that actually says this, but people so much love to mock and look at Sampson as a sinner, they just automatically assume he drank wine when he was at the feast (which is a very proud judgement without knowledge). Fourth, some claim, because he said to the Philistines, regarding his wife that they were “ploughing with his heifer” that he was saying something evil about his wife. However, such a judgement can not be made, as it was an entirely different culture and could have been a common saying. Further, the understanding of the household structure back then was that a man is head of his household and all in his household was considered his property, unlike our “enlightened” times of today. So, again, no reason to assume sin. Last, there is the fact he turned aside and ate honey from the lion’s dead carcass (which he killed). Whether or not he sinned here, I am not totally sure. Because, the Hebrew word for this command in the Nazarite vow is not entirely clear as to whether it means he can not go near a dead body or if he can not touch a dead body. If it means he can not touch a dead body, it is possible, he may not have touched the dead lion’s carcass, as it never explicitly mentions this, although he was able to get honey out of the carcass (kind of like the game “Operation”, without touching the sides and making it buzz). It is possible it means, though, he can not turn aside and get near a dead carcass. If it means this in the Nazarite vow, he would have sinned when he did this, which is quite possible. I think the point is that Sampson would follow his Nazarite vow, but he was very reckless in his ways with close calls (getting honey from carcass, sleeping with prostitutes, etc). AT ANY RATE, the claim that he was just a “dirty sinner” is frankly easily dismantled just looking at what I just wrote. People should be careful to use God’s Word, rather than to assume their own standards and conjectures when judging someone in the Bible. Unfortunately, most people just read the Bible in English, focus mainly on the New Testament, and are not careful with His Word.

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186Pingbacks & Trackbacks on Hong Kong Redlight District.
[…] Hong Kong Redlight District – Yes, you can find NON pay for play girls in hong kong’s redlight districts. […]
Hong Kong’s Thousands of One Woman Brothels.
Reclamation Street Brothel Hong Kong Jan Smith 2012.
Hong Kong…a city where capitalism and laissez faire are so pure that even the brothels adhere to the tenants of a free economy. “If you want to see capitalism in action, go to Hong Kong,” is how Milton Friedman described it.
Reclamation Street Brothel – Jan Smith 2012.
A History of Prostitution.
Long before the glitzy financial center and designer boutiques emerged and made Hong Kong a consumer mecca, there was already a vibrant sex trade. Ostracized by the Cantonese, the local Tan-ka (boat people) found easy monetary gain by renting their women to foreign sailors. The ham-shui-mui, or salt-water girls, rapidly became iconic symbols of the city’s underbelly and vibrant port activities.
Today, the salt water girls are most likely foreigners. Russian girls, described as “crazy, wild, monsters” command a premium, at HK$500 for thirty minutes. Half an hour with a “mild” Malay girl fetches a mere HK$180 dollars in comparison. Local girls are the baseline at HK$250. The rates are hand written on colorful signs outside building entrances in many neighborhoods. The general feeling is of an exchange market—only that the merchandise in question is human.
Brothel Menu Hong Kong.
Prostitution in Hong Kong is itself legal, but “organized” prostitution is not. Any room with two or more girls offering sex services is considered a brothel. Brothels, and living off the prostitution of others (i.e organized prostitution) is not permitted. In effect this means that so long as prostitution stays out of the public eye, the government is mostly comfortable adopting a laissez-faire policy. This has lead to a unique way of avoiding the prohibition on brothels: the one-woman brothel.
New Business Models for Brothels.
Seemingly an oxymoron, the “one-woman brothels” changed the landscape of prostitution in Hong Kong from the 1980s onwards. Back then, to get laid, it was cheaper to fly to Manila and stay in a five-star hotel for the weekend than have a single night out in Hong Kong. According to retired Hong Kong police officer JS Lam, “one-woman brothels became more in demand as this method of prostitution offered a more direct, no-frills way to clients. Besides, it was much cheaper than going to a sex shop, dance hall or nightclub. A client need only go to the address, press the bell, state purpose, agree on the price and deal done.” By the end of the mid-90s most of the classy ballrooms and big-spender nightclubs had disappeared.
In it’s purest commercial form this empowered girls to open their own business without the need for a middleman, and encouraged a wave of foreign Asian and Chinese girls to turn-up in Hong Kong on short term visas. What they made in a month was often more than a year back home. There is evidence that homespun operations were briefly a majority, but the triad gangs very quickly repossessed the business.
Reclamation Street Brothel Hong Kong – Jan Smith 2012.
One Woman Brothels and Triad Gangs.
The triad gangs own various karaoke bars and nightclubs, they often sponsor the working visas, and they also own the apartments where the girls conduct their business. The girls earn commissions on drinks and reach private arrangements with clients to meet outside of the establishments. Once a deal is reached, the client pays the club for the privilege of taking the girls out by buying the girls’ time. The girl and the client then rendezvous at the apartment. In theory what the client and the girl establish as a price is for the girl, but the club often double dips by charging “rent” to the girl.
The fact is that a large number of girls work out of small apartments all over the territory. The girls usually work on the first or second floor, making it easy for customers to walk in from the street. It is common for the rest of the building to be occupied by families. Clusters of these girls can be found in many buildings, but nowhere as much as in the streets surrounding Portland Street, in Mongkok. “Every Hong Konger knows where it is. Get to Mongkok by MTR and you will see it. I believe it is at C 2 exit,” explains a local resident.
Reclamation Street Brothel Hong Kong – Jan Smith 2012.
The growth of the Internet yet again transformed the landscape of prostitution in Hong Kong. Advertising on local websites (of which is the most popular) has allowed girls to interact directly with their clients, thereby reducing the role of karaoke bars and nightclubs. This contributes to an increase in the supply of sex services offered by new groups of girls, particularly mainlanders in the New Territories. The corresponding fall in prices has made it less lucrative for the triad gangs to continue their business as before, and made them more eager to divest.
The second effect of the growth of Internet is an increase in “compensated dating”, wherein girls of all socio-economic levels sell sex so they can buy consumer goods, such as cell phones and clothes. In the best of cases the proceeds of a self-run prostitution business can be quite lucrative. A recent National Geographic reporter interviewed a woman who proudly claims, “After paying rent, I make over $100,000 a year. Since doing this work, I’ve bought three apartments for my family.”

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