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The typical building as red light district is the Fuji Building. This building has 22 floors and 18 of them are home to one-woman brothels, with between five and eight of them on each floor.
Fuji building a hong kong walkup located along lockhart road causeway bay.
There are more than 100 prostitutes in this building – and it is all completely legal. The flowing picture is the door of Fuji Building.
In general, the prostitution was legal in Hong Kong, but that soliciting, living off the earnings of a prostitute or controlling a woman for the purpose of prostitution was not. Renting a flat or apartment to a prostitute does not make it a vice establishment in law. It is only classed as such if more than one prostitute is working there. The following picture is the Brothels you can see in Hong Kong.
The Fuji Building is full of prostitutes and each prostitute flat can be shown to be a separate unit from all the rest, it has its own water connection, electricity meter, it is above board. The majority of these prostitutes are Hong Kong card holders who have a legal right to work in Hong Kong, but the problem is that they are illegal immigrants live in these buildings. Foreign prostitutes that are soliciting in the street or in bars are also working here on tourist visas, so when the policemen arrest them it’s for breaching the condition of their immigration status, not for prostitution. A Chinese hooker welcomes western men in the Fuji Bldg walkup lockhart road Hong Kong.
In the Fuji Building, many of the women live there, their work place is also their home. For the girls who rent the rooms, in most cases they are not making enough for anyone to get a cut of their takings anyway. They’d pay their rent and that’d be it. The landlord might unknowingly rent the premises to someone who sublet it to a prostitute.
There are many websites advertise for these place such as the Fuji Building and the services of the prostitutes in them. Hong Kong police cannot shut down these sites. This situation is not going to go away, It would be better if it was regulated so that there were regular health checks for sex workers, that they could pay their taxes and it would take it out of the hands of organized crime.
Chinese hooker working in the Fuji walkup Hong Kong says goodbye.
In general, customers seemed to be to take the lift to the top floor, then walk down the stairs, taking a look at prostitutes on different floors after knocking on their doors. The following picture is a man choosing the massage girls.
Similar buildings can be found in Central, Tsim Sha Tsui and elsewhere in Kowloon. Each functions as a self-contained red-light district. There are many buildings in Hong Kong where sex workers are concentrated together, it’s very common, they will not get any complaints from neighbours, unlike in a residential building.
According to the locals, ordinary massage service range from HKD200 to HKD600 depending on where your masseuse’s skin lie within the spectrum of human variation — the whiter and fairer they are, the more it will cost you. Russians are the cream of the crop with a price tag of HKD590, Chinese/Hongkongers come in at second at HKD250 and, well, Filipinas and Thai at HKD200. Paying more will, of course, get you an “extra” mile.
A Chinese whore is introducing herself.
The Following is a Video about Hong Kong Walkup Fuji Building.
The Following are several beautiful and professional massage girls you can choose in Fuji Building if you would like to relax yourself.
This is a local girl with excellent massage skills. She is at the 17/F of this building, her massage and services are tailor-made for gentleman. Satisfaction and relaxation are guaranteed. She is very considerate. she can serve you with heart. She is available at 13:00-23:00. It will be a wonderful pleasure. Her rate: HK$ 500 Whole package; HK$ 700 Massage+Whole package.
This massage girl is at the 11/F, of the building, she is a beautiful and attractive girl with white and smooth skin, like an angel. Also she is a sexy and elegant masseuse. She can give you the most amazing massage. Service rate is HK$ 600 whole package. She is available at 15:00-23:00.
Ar Sze is at the second floor of the building, she is an attractive, sensational, sexy and charming girl. she can do very sensual massage. This is a special experience you deserve to try. She will satisfy your strongest desires and fulfill all your fantasies, she is available at: 15:00-05:00.
Joey is a massage girl in Lockhart Rd., if you feel stressed or tired, she would be glad to give you a full service massage to melt take away your tiredness. She is a curvy girl with creamy silky skin, long sexy legs and charming face. She is also sensitive, sweet and independent, she promises to offer you the most reliable massage service ever. She specializes in oil massage which will be performed under tender and careful touch.
This is Baby and she loves to be your baby to fulfill your loneliness. She is a massage master with good figure, you must feel her silky skin by yourself. She’s really good at oil massage & Foot stepping massage, she is not only a skillful female therapist, but also owns sweet personality, she is sweet, gentle and independent, and her service is guaranteed with much patience, you will have the tender touch from her soft hands to melt away your stress.

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