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Miyamme Spice
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Freelance Girls – costs about 500 to 2,000 baht depending on the time and it could be more expensive if you meet her at an upscale bar.
Street Hookers – costs about 500 to 1,000 baht depending on the hours and 300 to 400 baht for the hotel room.
Soapy Massage/ Massage Girls – if you want to opt for their additional service that would be around 300 to 500 baht for a handjob, 500 to 1,000 for a blowjob and 1, 000 to 2,000 baht for sex.
Escort Girls – Bangkok escorts are usually convenient as you can get them online. Going rate is usually between 5,000 to 12,000 baht again depending on the hours.
Clubs – Several clubs are rife with Bangkok prostitution. Spicy, Insanity, Levels and Climax are just but a few. Look for afterhour clubs or read my Bangkok nightlife guide to learn more about these clubs.
How To Tell If A Woman Is A Prostitute or Not?
There are a lot of women in Bangkok but how can you be able to tell if they are a hooker or not? It is simple. Bangkok prostitutes usually wear heavy and detailed make up even during the day time, they wear skimpy shorts and revealing tops combined with push up bras to enhance their breasts.
Regular Bangkok girls are conservative. But you would have to make sure that she is indeed a prostitute otherwise you are just looking for a big trouble.
Bangkok’s Red Light Districts.
To sum it up, there are 3 infamous places for Bangkok prostitution. These are Nana, Patpong and Soi Cowboy.
Nana is the largest among the three. It offers a wide range of entertainment for men. There are hookers and ladyboy hookers at the entrance of Nana Entertainment Plaza so you can be able to find one even just before you step into one of the go go bars. You can find a lot of women and ladyboy hookers both working as full time or as a freelancer.
Patpong is another red light district which is famous for its ping pong shows. For first timers, you should beware of scams and aggressive prostitutes. There are also reported or claims of theft. If you know how to go around it, then there is no reason why you can’t have a good time.
Soi Cowboy isn’t as large as the other two red light districts. But it is becoming more popular because of up and coming bars such as Baccara and Shark Bar. If you are looking for ladyboy prostitutes, then this place is a definite go-to.
Red light districts are not the only place where you can find Bangkok prostitutes or hookers. There are several places aside from Nana, Patpong or Soi Cowboy.
Essential Tips for First Timers.
You might think that Bangkok is paradise. To tell you the truth, it really is. But there is still a lot of negative side to this. You should be able to know how to play the game and never fall in love. There are a lot of rules that you should go by so that you can make the most out of your sexcapade.
If you are worried of the budget, you can pay for full sex for about 1,500 baht. This is applicable for freelance Bangkok prostitutes which you can find on Sukhumvit Road. If you pick a girl up from go go bars, you would have to pay for the bar fine which costs about 500 baht and drinks but they are optional.
You can still be able to bargain but don’t be disappointed if they don’t accept your price proposal. Remember that they are there to work and earn as much money as they can in a short amount of period.
Finding Bangkok Prostitutes Online.
Aside from picking up prostitutes from bars, Bangko discos or massage parlors you can also find them online. There are several dating sites that you can browse through if you would like to hang out with a prostitute. Websites such as Thai Friendly is good, most of the girls are normal girls, but a few will be looking for clients and they are very easy to spot, as they will have revealing pictures or even mention it in their profile.
If you want sleep with normal Thai women for free, then check out this article now.
Hookers and Bangkok prostitution use technology to market themselves. This is also a good tool for them to get more customers or clients. You can be able to identify if they are a hooker by their profile. They are easy to recognize with their profiles photos and if they show taglines such as “Looking for a Boyfriend,” or “Looking for a Good Time.”

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