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I. A CASE OF LAOTIAN GIRLS BEING TRAFFICKED INTO THAILAND FOR PROSTITUTION – A CRY FOR RESCUE – These 5 girls, aged 15, 16, two 20 and 23, testified that they were lured to work as waitress in a restaurant and will get about 15,000 Baht per month. They traveled in different trips and different days but were coerced and accompanied by the same Laotian woman trafficker across the border to Nong Kai Province. Then the same driver drove them in the same van straight to Cholburi Province. The trafficker received a thick envelop of cash – the girl did not know how much, but the ‘Mama san’ told them that she gave 10,000 Baht for each girl.which made these girl owe her and must pay her back when they could earn the money from the customers. On top of that, the16 years old and the one of 20 were forced to make a nose surgery against their will. They were afraid that it will hurt. The 20 years old were forced to make the ‘new nose’ three times ( as the "Mama san" said that ‘not beautiful/ not good’ after the first two surgeries) . After the surgery, they were told that they had 15,000 Baht debt for each surgery. The 20 years old girl was told that she owed the "Mama san" altogether 45,000 Baht from three surgeries!
These girls could not leave the place on their own . The place where they slept was not too far from the working place…the massage parlour , but they were always put in a car which drove them between the two places. The 15 years old girl were there for about 5 months, longer than the others. One of them had been there for only about 20 days before being rescued.
Millions Suffer in Sex Slavery.
United Press International UPI, Chicago, 24 April 2001.
[accessed 23 June 2013]
Statistical estimates indicate 300,000 women have been sold into the sex trade in Western Europe in the last 10 years, and since 1990, 80,000 women and children from Myanmar (formerly Burma), Cambodia, Laos and China have been sold into Thailand’s sex industry.
Crisis-hit Laos wrestles with child-trafficking problem.
Kyodo News, Bangkok, 26 January 2000.
[accessed 30 December 2010]
Thousands of Lao youths illegally migrate to Thailand every year, with traffickers and their agents luring young boys and girls living in villages along the river across it with promises of high-paying jobs, it said. "The children are then forced to work without pay as factory workers, as servants in private homes, and as waitresses in restaurants and nightclubs in order to ‘repay their debts or fees’," the report said. "Some children have to do hard labor without rest and are frequently beaten by their ‘owners’." In some cases, traffickers pay parents as much as two years in advance for the right to take their daughters to work in factories in Thailand. Some girls are then raped and "lured into prostitution," it said.
Development and Education Program for Daughters and Communities, 30 May 2005.
[accessed 22 August 2014]
Many rural families are landless or in debt to money lenders. As a result, men go to the cities for casual work. Often they don’t return, however, leaving their wives to raise families single-handedly. Faced with such pressures, some parents view their daughters as commodities which can be traded. Brothel owners have networks of agents combing the villages for troubled families with daughters, making tempting offers of good jobs in the big cities and resort areas. So begins a cycle in which relatives, village headmen, police, government officials, and business people all benefit from the girls’ labor.
Forced Prostitution Rampant in Malaysia.
Feminist News, July 14, 1998 — Media Resources: Bangkok Post – May 17, 1998.
[accessed 30 December 2010]
Young girls in Thailand are being smuggled across the border by gangs to work as prostitutes in Malaysia. Most of these girls were bought from their parents in Thailand by gangs or were recruited with lies about working as a housekeeper. Once in Malaysia the gangs sell the girls to Malaysian gangs who then distribute them to various entertainment places that offer sex services.
Trafficking of Burmese Women and Girls into Brothels in Thailand.
Human Rights Watch, New York, JANUARY 31, 1994.
[accessed 30 December 2010]
The Thai government is guilty of complicity in the trafficking of Burmese women and girls into Thailand for forced prostitution, according to A Modern Form of Slavery, released today by Human Rights Watch. The 160-page report documents the direct involvement of Thai police and border guards in the illicit sex trade, and the Thai government’s routine failure to punish its own officials and others who engage in or profit from this abuse. It concludes that in 1993 alone the Royal Thai Government, rather than punishing officials and other traffickers, has wrongfully arrested and deported hundreds of Burmese victims, in clear violation of Thailand’s obligations under national and international law.
Thirteen, New York Public Media, September 25th, 2003.
[accessed 26 December 2010]
VICTIMS – Traffickers find fertile ground in Thailand’s rugged North, where economic change has wreaked havoc. Many of the tribal residents in this highlands region also do not have Thai citizenship — a fact that leaves them particularly vulnerable to trafficking. In one northern Thai region, Mae Sai, 70 percent of the 800 families there had sold a daughter into prostitution, delegates at the 2001 Second World Congress against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children were told. Age preferences for hill women range from early teens to mid-30s; trafficked children often are taught to sniff “rubber cement” so that they will perform whatever task required without objection.

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