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“Prostitution has existed for many years in Germany, and we have brothels in the city centre which are more or less accepted, but it’s now simply become too much,” she said.
“It should not be about every country offering a different solution. Instead we should agree rules on a Europe-wide basis and then we wouldn’t have sex tourism from one country to another.”
The idea of a cross-border deal could be given a boost on Tuesday when the European Parliament votes on whether to officially back the stricter Swedish model.
Any decision will not be binding on individual EU states, but if the vote passes it could increase pressure on national governments to look again at the wider issue of regulating the sex trade.
You can watch Jim Reed’s film in full via the BBC iPlayer.

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Brothels in Germany red light districts are as vibrant today as ever, and with good reason. Berlin is the pleasure capital of Germany, but Frankfurt, Munich, Hanover, Hamburg, and Cologne each have their share of professionals & brothels. Pleasure seeking in Germany has a rich and storied tradition, and is generally accepted both culturally & legally.
But dangers also exist in some red light areas within Germany – new visitors are well advised to do their homework before taking part in any action. But for the well guided, Germany’s red light brothels can provide an unforgettable experience – the very best in Europe. So prepare yourself to be shocked – you’re about to discover why the world’s most expert pleasure seekers still choose Germany for their mongering adventures.
Unproblematic Prostitution.
In some works of fiction, prostitution is portrayed as a dream job, or at least as a pleasant and reasonably unproblematic career, even if the sex worker would like to move on to another occupation someday. It may not be a coincidence that the creators of this scenario are usually male.
Common elements include: Lots and lots of enjoyable sex. The most simplistic examples often portray prostitution as nothing more than having fun and getting paid for it. No physical stresses: sexually-transmitted diseases don’t exist, or no one has a problem with using condoms, dental dams, etc. Reliable and side-effect-free birth control (or abortions) are available as well, and easily obtained without a lot of rigamarole. No one has to work when not “in the mood” or so much that it causes them physical wear and tear. Working girls and guys also have complete control over the calendar and can take time off whenever they want. The social stigma attached to prostitution is very mild, if it exists at all. In many cases, the sex trade is considered no worse than any other service job. Indeed, it might even be sanctioned by that society. note (For example, a society in which Arranged Marriages are the norm and seeking out sex elsewhere is more-or-less accepted. Or a society in which prostitution is an aspect of the society’s religion, as with temple prostitutes , who were usually also priests/priestesses.) Or one in which boys or girls are given Professional Sex Ed when they are considered marriageable adults, or some other form of Sex as Rite-of-Passage. If and when s/he decides to pursue a different career path, their sex work won’t be held against them. Nor does it hinder their chances of getting into real long-term relationships or marriages, and no one is considered Defiled Forever by having been in this career path. Sex workers are never harassed by police or the Moral Guardians. This problem especially is what has now led some countries to ban the act of paying for sex, but not prostitution. Sweden was the first country to do so in 1999, followed by Iceland and Norway in 2011, Northern Ireland in 2014 and France in 2016. High profits for low effort with no taxes (or at least not exorbitant ones) and no one demanding a cut (see #6). Safe, pleasant working conditions: no customer is ever violent or dangerous; no one is unwashed, unattractive, unsanitary, or unsavory. If the customer has a kink, it’s one that the prostitute is happy to indulge, and often thoroughly enjoys themselves. No one ever has to do for money anything that s/he wouldn’t do otherwise — or if s/he does, this doesn’t cause any emotional problems afterward. Also, the prostitute has the option to turn down any clients s/he chooses, for any reason. Any middlemen (pimps or madams) are always looking out for the best interests of the prostitute and are never abusive. Or all pandering, security and other support services are dealt with by a completely worker-run and non-exploitative Band of Brothels. Everybody cheerfully pays whatever the sex worker’s going rate is. S/he never gets (”ahem”) stiffed. No drug problems which might be seen as making the situation degrading. The prostitute isn’t doing it to support a habit of cocaine or a similar hard drug, and it’s probably best if there’s no drug use by the client either. Most critically of all, no one is forced into the trade, either by poverty or with violence or blackmail. No one is tricked into it, either. Also, everyone is above the age of consent.

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