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Jory accompanies Eddard south to King’s Landing. During the dispute between Prince Joffrey Baratheon and Arya Stark, Jory reports that Arya has been found and taken before the king. Jory accompanies Eddard to the Crossroads Inn and listens as King Robert questions those involved. Queen Cersei convinces him to sentence Sansa’s direwolf Lady to death despite her not being involved because Arya’s wolf Nymeria cannot be found. Eddard asks Jory to look after Arya and Sansa while he attends to the execution. [2]
Jory assists Eddard’s investigation into Jon Arryn’s final days, unsuccessfully asking for the assistance of Ser Hugh of the Vale , accompanying Eddard to Tobho Mott’s smithy and later reminiscing over fighting in the Greyjoy Rebellion with Ser Jaime Lannister. [3] [4]
Jory accompanies Eddard to Petyr Baelish’s brothel, still seeking illegitimate royal children. Jory is distracted by one of the whores while Eddard questions Mhaegen. On leaving, Lord Eddard has to break Jory’s attention away from the woman he is staring at so they can leave. As they walk outside accompanied by two Stark guards, Heward and Wyl, they are confronted by Jaime Lannister. Jaime has heard of his brother Tyrion’s arrest and demands his release. Lord Eddard says it was done by his orders and if Jaime kills him Tyrion will die. Jaime has brought many Lannister men-at-arms. Jory begins to let Jaime know that if he is to threaten Eddard again, there would certainly be a fight. However, Jamie interrupts Jory, and he orders his men-at-arms to leave Eddard Stark alive, but to kill his men. They easily kill Heward and Wyl with thrown spears. Jory attacks and kills two of Jaime’s men before engaging Jaime himself. Jaime and Jory trap swords and Jaime stabs Jory through the left eye with a dirk during this event. Eddard, angered and stunned by Jory’s death, exchanges blows with Jaime before a Lannister guardsman stabs him through the knee, ending the melee. [5]
When news about Jory and the others reaches Winterfell, Theon Greyjoy insists that Robb must make the Lannisters pay for their deaths, but Robb is hesitant about going to war. [6]

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Overview of the Kassel Mission.
Welcome Description: Basic facts about the Kassel Mission explained by KMMA/KMHS founder Bill Dewey, just prior to the unveiling of the German-American Airmens Memorial dedicated to the 136 soldiers from both sides who died that day on the Kassel Mission. Armed Forces Network interview at the Memorial dedication ceremony, Ludwigsau Germany, 1 August 1990.
The 445th Bomb Group was almost wiped out, and I went down on my twenty-ninth mission, during the infamous Kassel raid of September 27, 1944.
It started out uneventfully enough, with 39 planes scheduled to take off from our group. By the time we got into Germany there had been four aborts, so eventually 35 planes dropped their bombs. The weather over the continent was not very good, with a thick undercast, cloud base about 3,000 feet and tops 6-7000 feet. It was planned to drop the bombs through the clouds using the PFF in the lead ship.
The 445th was leading the 2nd Combat Wing, the other groups in the wing being the 389th and the 453rd. The lead ship was that of Capt. John Chilton, with Maj. Donald McCoy as command pilot. Deputy lead was Capt. Web Uebelhoer, with Capt. Jim Graham as deputy command pilot. I happened to be flying with Lt. James Schaen in the 702nd BS; we were in the high right squadron.
Major McCoy (right), Kassel Mission Commanding Officer.
We were approaching the I.P. in a south easterly direction, where we were supposed to make a slight left turn in an east-southeasterly direction toward Kassel, but for some reason the lead ship turned almost directly east, a mistake which would take us past the target city of Kassel, too far to the north. The only explanation was that the radar man had made a grievous error.
Practically every navigator in our group picked up on this mistake almost instantly, but it was too late for the lead ship to correct to the right, as he would have run into the stream of bombers coming up from the rear. In hindsight we can say that the correct thing to do would have been to make a 360 turn to the left and come in on the rear of the second division, but Major McCoy decided to continue on east and bomb the city of Gottin-gen, about 50 miles away. As a result we lost our fighter escort, and flew alone to our own destruction.
Some of the pilots contacted the lead ship to report the error, but the only signal they received was “Keep in tight-Keep it together” .

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