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God is with a married people, the devil is with those who are idle [the celibates].
3718. Mwaminifu huoa, mwenye hekima hubaki kapera. NGU.
A believer gets married, the learned stays childless.
In marriage trust is needed.
3719. Mwana huua mzee, mzee haui mwana. T.363a; V.117; KB.209.
The child kills the parent, the parent does not kill the child.
The equivalent of the saying that love comes down, not up. T.
Small children small worries, big children big worries. V.
3720. Mwana kidonda, mjukuu kovu. F.33.141; B.1.47; L.72; FSM.146; MARA 3.
For a child is a wound, for a grandchild it is a scar.
One is more sensitive to what happens to one’s own child than to what happens to a grandchild. F.;L.
3721. Mwana mkuwa nawe ni mwenzio kama wewe. F.34. 153; B.1.47; AL 880.
The child who grows up with you is your companion like yourself.
To encourage people to marry early so that they will have children and enjoy growing up with them. MM.
Discrimination amomg siblings is not allowed. AL.
3722. Mwana mtukana nina kuzima enda akiona. NGU; KA.
The child who insults its mother will go and see hell.
3723. Mwana muwi ni dawa ya mlango. T.368.
A bad child is [after all] a cure of the family.
People are not jealous of that family, so they are saved from people’s evil eyes. MM.
Mlango : door, channel, family. Cf. #1554.
3724. Mwana mwema kumlea na mui mlee. KA.
Bring up a good child but also a bring up a bad child.
3725. Mwana mwema ni taji tukufu kwa wazazi wake. FSM.147.
A good child is a crown of honor for its parents.
Used also in talking about citizens and the nation. Cf. #1511.
3726. Mwana mwenzio, mkanye kwa maneno. NGU.
Reprimand the child of your friend with words. Cf. #1550.
3727. Mwana ni mamake, kwa kambo ni pahali pa kukaa. REK.
The child is of its mother, for the stepmother it is a place to stay.
The child is the reason that the stepmother can stay.
3728. Mwana wa mbuzi kampakata punda. FSM 148.
The kid of a goat carries a donkey.
Do not expect that your child will help you along or that it will help you at all.
3729. Mwana wa ndugu kirugu, mjukuu ni mtu mbali. F. 34.145; B.1.47.
Your brother’s child is like the height of the wall of your house, but a grandchild is quite another person.
The height of the wall is so familiar as to be unnoticed and unknown. F.
Kirugu : the height of the wall. J.
A brother’s child, however close to you, is never your child. Kirubu: something far away, out of reach? HM.
Mwana wa ndugu kirugu, mjukuu mwanangwa. KS., kirugu .
The child of your brother is like a boil, a grandchild is a child loved by many.
Mwanangwa for mwana wa watu: a people’s child.
3730. Mwana wangu utumwapo, njiani usikawepo, enda rudi mara moja. JKP.
My child when you are sent on an errand, do not dawdle on the road, go and come back at once.
3731. Mwanangu amevunja ungo, cheleko chanduma. J., cheleko ; Al, cheleko .
My daughter has reached puberty, and her pregnancy hurts me.
The joy felt at the girl having grown up is so great it hurts the mother. J.
The joy of the daughter becoming pregnant is so great that the mother feels resentment. AL.
Cheleko from eleka , weleka : bear children.
Chanduma for cha ni uma: it hurts me.
Vunja ungo : to break the hymen. 1. first menstruation; 2. to be deflowered; 3. to reach the age of puberty. Krapf, ungo .
Before the tooth there is the gum.
Everything has a beginning. The beginning of a child is the parents. So when the child grows up it must not despise its parents in whatever situation they may be, poor, sick or whatsoever, because the child’s beginning is from its parents. TAA.
3733. Mwenye kukataa mwana hukataa mwana wa haramu. AL 905.
The parents who renounce their [legitimate] child, renounce also their illegitimate child.
One who is hostile to close family is also hostile to the greater family.
3734. Mwenye kupata mtoto hakosi mbeleko. KB.222.
She who gets a child does not lack a cradle.
Mbeleko: a piece of calico used by women for carrying a child on their back or hip while at work or walking. Such a cloth is a usual wedding present, made to the bride’s mother. J.
3735. Mwenye mwanawe, n’akanye. T 391; SACL 325.
Let the parent punish the child.
It is on the parent of the child to reprimand it.
Let the one who has a child reprimand it.
3736. Mwisho wa njia ni nyumbani. KB.223.
The end of the road is home.
3737. Mwongo wa kuku mbanawe. T. 396a.
The hen’s importance is among her offspring T.
Mbanawe for ni wanawe : it is her young.
3738. Mwongoe mtoto katika njia inayofaa. NGU.
Guide the child in the right way.
A parent does not self-glorify.
Parents glorify themselves.
A parent never gives up.
A parent does not kill.
Used in a situation when one feels a parent is neglecting a child.
A parent’s action can never be so extreme as to deliberately harm a child.
3742. Ndoa ni ukumbi wa ngoma. EM n6.
Marriage is like a dancing hall.
In a dancing hall there are different kinds of people. Some enjoy the dance from start to finish, and others enjoy certain parts and dislike others. Those who dislike the dance would like to get out of the hall while others who are outside would like to enter the hall. EM.

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