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Hookers and Dyslexia: Budapest-Szeged.
Tuesday August 10, 2004, 184 km (114 miles) – Total so far: 184 km (114 miles)
So where are you going, asks Mr. Horvath. Western Hungary or Eastern Hungary? I’d recommend Western Hungary, it’s more developed and has nicer scenery. And you must see Budapest, of course. It’s one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.
Actually I’m planning to go East, I reply. And I don’t want to spend much time in Budapest. I want to see the countryside.
He seems a bit disappointed. I don’t even tell him that I’m planning to go to Romania – sensing this might disappoint him even more.
Mr. Horvath and I share a compartment on the daily night train from Munich to Budapest. He’s an elderly Hungarian emigrant who has returned to live in the country of his birth after the former communist regime’s downfall in 1989. Things are improving, he says. But there’s also a lot of discontent because prices are rising faster than incomes.
He wishes me good luck.
When I step out of Budapest’s Keleti train station, I notice two things. Budapest is beautiful indeed. Despite some scars, it has retained the look and feel of the 19th century. Hungary is a small nation with a population of only ten million, and the capital is home to about one fifth of the country’s inhabitants. But I don’t really have much time for sightseeing in Budapest. I want to see the countryside.
The second thing I notice is that I’ve become dyslexic overnight. I see the writing on the wall – but I understand nothing. In Western languages, many basic words needed by the tourist are similar and easily recognizable: hotel, restaurant, police, hospital, supermarket. Not so in Hungary. Unlike English, Spanish, French, Italian or German, Hungarian is not a Indo-European language.
The ancestors of today’s Hungarians were marauding Central Asian nomads who arrived in Europe about 1200 years ago. Today’s Hungarians are neither nomads nor marauders, but they still speak a language nobody else understands. There’s one word I recognize: Budapest bus lanes are clearly labeled “busz”. Apart from busz lanes, I see a lot of extraordinarily long words containing what seems to me a disproportionate amount of zs.

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