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jabjab: a carnival clown-like devil character jadoo: ‘magic’ used by a woman to charm a man jamet: a ‘sweetman’ or kept lover jamette: a prostitute jook: to stab or punch at anything, a sudden forward hip motion jouvert j’ouvert: British authorities decreed in 1843 that the festivities could not begin until Monday morning. Since no time was specified, the carnivalgoers began to celebrate on the stroke of midnight – the origin of the wild procession known as j’ouvert that begins Carnival today and culminates with the sound of steel bands, the participants covering themselves with mud and then proceeding to splatter all the bystanders with it – all in good fun. jumbie: (v) to harass, to annoy ,to irritate jumbie: (n) traditional characters or demons that can either be mild or very malignant jus now: in a little while.
kalenda: stickfighting which is thought to have originated in the use of bamboo sticks to fight fires in the cane fields ketch: catch Klim: a generic word for any brand of powdered milk koskel: weird, strange.
La Diablesse – la-ja-bles – ‘Female Devil,’ or ‘She-Devil’: She is a very pretty woman who wears pretty dresses with full petticoats. Late at night she lures men to her with her beauty. These men are usually coming home from the bars and are drunk. However, what the men don’t know is that she has one good foot that she normally shows and one cloven calve’s hoof that she hides. She lures men to cliffs where they can fall to their death. langniappe, lang yap: a little extra, a bonus las lap: last lap, last minute street partying on Carnival Tuesday just before the official end of Carnival at midnight lef: left lef dat: leave that leh we: let go leh go: foul smelling, stink odour lick dong yo: hit someone or something, to topple over licks: a beating, a physical punishment like ting: to be somewhat mischievous limbo: a funeral song and dance of African origin is performed each night of the week following a funeral, accompanied by hand clapping or stamping of bamboo sticks (tamboo-bamboo). lime / liming: (v) hanging out, having fun, as ‘Let’s go down to the corner and lime.’ liming: (n) a wildcard word for any social event like cinema lime, pub lime, party lime locho: a loafer, a lazy person, a parasite long eye: envious of the possessions of others look nuh: an expression of annoyance. lowside: the windward – the south-western side of Tobago.
maco: someone who minds other people’s business to gossip macommere: a female companion or friend macocious, makocious: one who is prying, nosy ma dogoma: one of the supernatural figures who aid mortals in getting into or out of this world magga: very thin, skinny makaforshet: left-overs; from the French ‘ma ca fourchette’ – ‘food stuck between the fork’ make style: show off, tantalise maljo, maljoe: bad eye, or evil eye malkadee: blight, unhealthy, ill mamaguy: trying to fool someone, or being fooled by someone, to falsely praise, eg. Your friend is wearing an ugly dress, but you tell her that it’s beautiful Mama d’ Leau: – duh-low – ‘Mother of the Waters’. She is Papa Bois’ wife. She protects all things that live in the seas, rivers, lakes and oceans. If her environment becomes threatened she has the ability to taint all water sources that are essential to life. mamapoule: hen-pecked husband; a derogatory term for a husband who seems to be controlled by his wife, a weakling, easily taken advantage of mama yo: expression denoting shock and surprise mas: masquerade, carnival matter fix: everything is well organized, everything is OK mauby, maubi: bark of the carob tree colubrina reclinata used to make a drink of the same name mbiras: varing lengths of metal strips suspended over a gourd that acts as a sound board. Also known as a kalimba or marimba. Known throughout sub-Saharan Africa melongene: eggplant or aubegine, solanum melongena merasmie: un-healthy, sickly looking moko jumbies: stilt dancers, an African tradition carried over into carnival – their costumes represent jumbies, or beings from the dead mooma: mother mouter: a boaster – to much mouth mo vey lang: bad tongue, slanderous much up: to pamper, to butter up mud band: a j’ouvert mas band with revellers plastering their bodies in mud from head to toe.
nah: no – negative nanny: vagina nastiness: an expression of disgust applied to a good-for-nothing person neem: a culinary spice from a ‘sacred’ tree – used in some form on a daily basis – the twigs as a toothbrush, the oil for soap, and the leaves for medicine. Veppam, margosa. Azadirachta indica ning ning: tired eyes now fuh now: instantly, right now no wherian: person of no fixed abode.
obeah: traditional characters, practices and belief ochro: okra or lady fingers obzokee: awkward, out of place, misshapen ogun: a god of a faith of African origin that takes significance from the elements and the force of nature okra: lady fingers, vendakkai, benakaayilu ol’ talk: empty chatter, nonsense, eg. ‘What you’re saying is a bunch of ol’ talk.’ old hag: traditional characters one han cyaa clap: one hand can’t clap – a bribe will grease the wheels, be good to me I’ll take care of you one set ah: a lot of anything, plentiful own way: stubborn person. orisha: a faith of west African origin that takes significance from the elements and the force of nature.

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