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Come on who here can say they haven’t gotten so high that they thought cutting off your passed out roommates head wasn’t worth a laugh?
Lol I’ve only gotten as far as stuffing marshmallows in my sleeping husband’s socks. I was bored.
Anyone got good stories?
One time we held my friend’s brother down and squeezed mustard up his ass. It was spicy mustard too so you know that shit burned his insides like a mofo, most of us got a good laugh….ahhh good times. Haa just joking(or am I??)lol.
Lol, lol, fuck @Joedirt that was too funny man, as that poor fuckers arsehole must have burned like a Virgins Cunt on prom night, me thinks.
next time use grey poupon,its much classier!
Horseradish would be nice too.
I have a friend who super glued her ex-husband’s penis to his thigh. He had to take a trip to the hospital to get it sorted out. She caught him watching porno and jerking off in the living room with the kids asleep in their room. Rule was only in the locked bedroom where the kids could not accidentally see it. He was drunk and passed out with his cock in his hand. She taught him a lesson.
I was damn hellion did all sorts of crazy shit. way too young to be clowning around as I was. I did shit I am not proud of, lame stuff no real bodily injury , super soaked some prostitutes. set massive field on fire, accidentally. broke some stuff , tore wallpaper off hotel room to reveal lovely pattern beneath. but I finished the peel, didn’t leave it all jacked up. but hell it was all done with crazy pack of friends and alcohol and weed and maybe bit of acid , shit was fun but all I did on that was stare at stuff and drink a lot of beer and weed,shit just disappears on that. notgoing to lie if I ever met up with my onks id laugh my ass off reliving crazy shit we did. but was rather harmless and never got heavy never stole anything but Pabst beer from parents and hell no was no heroin or meth I haven’t a clue what ecstasy is and I had to google spice. what a shit drug. and what a shitty end for headless fella regardless what brought them together.
“Spice” the nastiest high I’ve ever experienced.
I took one single big ass hit off of a one footer and before I could exhale or as I was exhaling I had a religious experience unlike anything I’ve gone through.
I truly felt like if I was gonna die.
My hearth was pumping/beating so rapidly I thought I was gonna have a hearth attack and I remember walking a bit all dazed out and felt the need to grab/hold on to a fence cause it felt like I could collapse. My corporal temperature went higher than my high and had to grab the hose and let water just pour in my head to cool me down for like 20 fucking minutes.
“Spice” ain’t no joke if you ever want or consider using it be sure that that shit is a trippy high and take it slow until you feel what it does to your body.
I’ve known people who smoke spice like tobacco and they don’t get all crazy and shit.
In California where I’m from you can walk in to most every smoke shop and buy a $10, $20 bag of spice with no problem. Not even ID required if you look +18yrs.
I’m rolling a blunt as I Swype and I’m feeling tempted to…. Nevermind, I was thinking of spicing shit up a little bit but I’m cool on that.
Who knows if today’s spice is the same as the spice 3-4 yrs ago. I’m gonna pass on this one…
I’ve had two horrible experiences, once with Salvia, the other with Mr. Nice Guy.
With Salvia, I ended up screaming until I lost my voice because of the horrible hallucinations, backing myself into the bedroom closet.
The Mr. Nice Guy gravity bong hit, rocked my whole comprehension of the universe.. Then after believing that I was dying from a heart attack, I searched for a sharp object to kill myself with, fortunately it was a jigsaw, and they wrestled it from me before reaching the outlet.
Then, I jump up like a enraged maniac, bolt for the door, scream like a banshee, kick over a crotch rocket, and bolted for the woods, becoming Rambo, tearing pieces of my shirt off to throw ‘them’ off my trail, rubbing dirt and leaves on me to blend.. I showed up four miles away after coming back to my senses. Completely not fucking cool. I will never be tempted to try that synthetic kibble again.
@joedirt9 omg! That’s awful! Hilarious but awful lol.
Encounters with women in Irish theatre history.
37 – Writing the low down, the high up and the sideways.
‘Write me the low down, the high up and the sideways,’ Kay Swift would urge her best friend when she was stranded on the ranch in Oregon, mucking out stables layered in clothes and trying to live without running water. Recovering from the frantic pace and emotional battles of NYC, she still longed to hear all the news.
It may seem that I’m going off topic here, delving into the friendship between Mary and Kay, but it’s essential context for setting up the arrival of Aideen in New York and the adventures that are to come …
In an audio file on the Columbia University website, you can listen to Mary Woodward Reinhardt Lasker ( Lamb to Kay Swift) describe her life in New York in the 1930s and read the lengthy transcript of that interview. After a few minutes, I found myself turning off the husky voice of the sixty-something-year-old. Reading the transcript, it’s so easy to hear her young, vibrant self.

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