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Free pictures nasty asshole lickers Adult gallery
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Hookers and Bangkok prostitution use technology to market themselves. This is also a good tool for them to get more customers or clients. You can be able to identify if they are a hooker by their profile. They are easy to recognize with their profiles photos and if they show taglines such as “Looking for a Boyfriend,” or “Looking for a Good Time.”
The Data-Driven Guide to Bangkok Prostitutes.
We did the data wrangling to reveal the seedy, open secret of the City of Angels — Asia’s most prolific prostitution hub.
Update: We got some local media attention and went on TV.
T he world’s oldest profession is — perhaps ironically — the least quantitatively understood. Partly due to the culturally objectionable nature of the industry (Buddhists comprise of more than 90% of Thailand’s population), most studies focus on its qualitative, socio-economic impact. Even the number of sex workers in the country varies greatly among studies from as few as 70,000 to as many as 2 million prostitutes. Buyers and sellers seem to be operating organically without any formal market intelligence, until now at least. As with most industry, prostitution has found its way to the Internet. By web scraping data from an undisclosed online prostitution house, we created a dataset of 693 call girls from Bangkok including their price, age, physical characteristics, service repertoire, location and contacts. Here’s what we learn.
The Six Districts of Prostitution.
Bangkok sex workers’ areas of operation can be roughly divided into 6 (k-mean) clusters; namely Kaset-Ratchayothin, Ladprao-Ramkamhaeng, Donmuang-Rangsit, Thonburi, Sukhumvit, and Downtown. Some do walk multiple streets and have a larger coverage, but they usually stay in one cluster. The map below shows the pick-up spots within each area. For local customers, Kaset-Ratchayothin (163 spots) and Ladprao-Ramkamhaeng (507 spots) are the household names for prostitution as shown by the density of pick-up spots. Likewise for foreigners, Downtown (213 spots) and Sukhumvit (166 spots) have the honor. Donmuang-Rangsit (121 spots) and Thonburi (82 spots) are relatively less populated, although for the former, university campuses in the area might be driving the supply upward.
A Look Is Worth A Thousand Words.
The Three Numbers That Matter.
In the spirit of full disclosure, this quantitative analysis will inevitably be without one of the most important factors that describe a prostitute– beauty . The most reliable way to quantify such a subjective matter as beauty is to have a number of people rate all prostitutes using the pictures they have posted (only 281 out of 693 have pictures posted, by the way) and average them. We do not have the manpower to do so thus we rely on a different approach: their measurements.
A typical sex worker in Bangkok measures 35–27–36. The stature seems to hold across location clusters; that is, given that prostitutes are totally honest about their physical appearances. According to science and evolution, the hip-to-waist (or waist-to-hip) ratio is a signifiant determinant of attractiveness. A study cited 1.4 as the optimal ratio. In that regards, Ladprao-Ramkamhaeng wins hands down with Kaset-Ratchayothin, Sukhumvit and Downtown all having decent records.
If we would not-so-scientifically apply the same rule of thump to breast-to-waist ratio, Downtown would win the curviness contest. However, if you are willing to lower the bar a little, Kaset-Ratchayothin, Ladprao-Ramkamhaeng and even the less popular Donmuang-Rangsit would also have quite a number of busty ones.
Although the body mass index (BMI) has taken a lot of statistical beatings in terms of its validity in predicting one’s health, it is still indicative of a body type. An average Bangkok prostitute weighs 55 kilograms and stands 163 centimeters tall. Prostitutes are significantly more underweight and less obese than the general population. About a third is underweight compared to a tenth in the general population and about a tenth is overweight or obese compared to about a third in the general population. They have approximately the same percentage of population with normal weight, although is it noteworthy that roughly 15% of sex workers in our sample did not specify their weight and height.
Among the location clusters, Donmuang-Rangsit and Thonburi stand out as the relatively more chubby clusters, whereas Downtown appears to be the skinniest . The rest have almost the same composition as the overall prostitute population.
Even though some people age differently than others. We cannot deny that age plays an important role in dictating physical appearances. The median age for Thai prostitutes is 23 years old. The youngest start as early as 18 years old, the legal age for consensual sex (not that it matters because prostitution is technically illegal in Thailand anyways); the oldest age is 45 years old.
Beyond Happy Massages.
We explore the most popular services provided and unsurprisingly such basic activities as sex, blowjob, woman-on-top, and groping come out on top, whereas more fetish-ish activities like drinking the semen, taking pictures, anal and swinging stay at the bottom. Despite some minor variations, popularity rankings of services tend to remain the same across location clusters.

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