Fearing the ramifications of his own proclivities going public, Amir-Ali granted the divorce, and Somayeh received the sort of second chance many Iranian women never get.

Fearing the ramifications of his own proclivities going public, Amir-Ali granted the divorce, and Somayeh received the sort of second chance many Iranian women never get.
Iranian models in outfits bearing the national flag’s colors, the logo of the national football team and the design of the official ball of the 2014 World Cup 2014.ll Getty Images.
‘I’d rather be stoned to death’
After leaving her cheating husband, “Leyla” sold her jewelry so she could rent a studio apartment. Her new neighbors, seeing this beautiful young woman living alone, whispered that she was “a whore and a husband-stealer.”
She moved in with her friend Parisa, who worked at a beauty salon that “offered sheesheh as a slimming aid,” and who soon revealed to Leyla that she also earned lots of money as a private dancer. She told Leyla she could get her similar work, lap-dancing for men at a birthday party.
An Iranian man pours kerosene on a pile of drugs seized by authorities in June. Getty Images.
There, they danced for middle-aged men, and Leyla watched as Parisa disappeared with one of them.
Soon after, Parisa was schooling Leyla on how to build a clientele as a prostitute.
None of this was as shocking as one might think.
“It is impossible to escape sex in Tehran. Everybody knows that the streets are full of working girls,” Navai writes. “Prostitutes are part of the landscape, blending in with everything else. Pornographic photos are Bluetoothed across the city.”
The Iranian regime tries to fight it all, with little success. In their desperation, Navai writes, “the Interior Ministry has suggested rounding the women up and taking them to a specially designated camp where they can be ‘reformed.’”
Leyla found herself working alongside students, blue-collar women with families and girls who just wanted money for designer clothes. She quickly learned the rules of the streets, including that you “do not get in a car with more than two men,” and that oral sex usually got you out of trouble with the police.
Sometimes, police tried to demand full sex in exchange for freedom. One girl told an officer who demanded such, “I’d rather be stoned to death than have to f– you, your wife must be a blind cripple.” She was sentenced to three months, and received ninety-two lashes.
Leyla’s good looks worked to her advantage. She was off the streets quickly, landing a high-level cleric who bought her “bright red crotchless knickers.”
An Iranian woman gestures the victory sign during the World Cup in June. Getty Images)
In time, a software designer client begged her to make a sex tape. She agreed on several conditions, including that her face not be shown.
The film, shot in her house, turned out better than the client expected. He titled it “Tehran Nights” and gave copies to practically everyone he knew, including the man who sold him his porn.
The film became a hit, selling many copies for twice the price of DVDs of popular US hits like “Desperate Housewives” or “Lost.”
After seeing the DVD, her client’s friends wanted Leyla tapes of their own, and she happily obliged, charging $1,000 and up. While her face was never shown, “most connoisseurs of local porn soon recognized the round bottom, the soft girlie voice and the big full lips” as the star of “Tehran Nights” and later “Housewife from Shiraz.”
“Tehran Nights” also wound up in the possession of the Iranian cyber-police, who, in the face of the administration’s deep anti-porn feelings, were hungry for a high-profile conviction.
One night, after a relationship with a big money client went sour, Leyla decided to leave Iran, work for a time in Dubai — where Iranian girls made far more money — and save enough to move to America.
An Iranian woman walks through Tehran in July. Getty Images.
Sadly, she never put her plan into play.
The morning after making this fateful decision, the authorities came for her at 6 a.m.
The cyber-police unit, while watching the tape, noticed Leyla’s electricity meter in the corner of the screen, its serial number in full view. Leyla was identified within hours.
“The lies [people tell in Tehran] are, above all, a consequence of surviving in an oppressive regime,” Navai writes, “[and] of being ruled by a government that believes it should be able to interfere in even the most intimate affairs of its citizens.”
Halal hookers. What the?
Published May 28th, 2014 – 04:00 GMT via SyndiGate.info.
Amsterdam?s famous, or should we say infamous, red light district just got crazier! A new bar called “Hot Crescent” is offering its Muslim clients `halal prosititutes?.
Jonathan Swick, the bar owner, consulted three moderate, modern Imams to identify halal requirements. As a result, the prostitutes do not indulge in alcohol or drugs and they pray according to Islamic tradition, five times a day. In return, clients must have sex in a way that does not breach Islamic tradition. According to several sources, Shi?a Islam allows Nika? al-Mut?ah or `marriage for pleasure?, a contentious option that permits temporary, contractual marriage. The marriage?s duration is decided before marrying and is automatically terminated upon completion of the agreed time period. Marriages may be renewed and financial payments may occur, typically with the husband paying the wife.

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