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With the complex sensations of feeling like it lasted forever while also feeling like it bleeped by in a second, totality ended with a vibrant sparkle from the sun. A reminder of the dance of the sun and the moon made us reflect on how much has happened in the past year between the eclipse in the Faroe Islands and now. Our love has grown stronger and we got engaged, so many new adventures had taken place and our family of friends had grown bigger. As we looked at each other in such a moment of joy, we realised that this was our first totality that we had witnessed together. Both felt the shift from a previous chapter in our lives and onto the new chapter before us that we know will be filled with happiness.
Totality in between the kenari nut and coconut trees looking out to Pulau Halmahera. This photo does not do justice to the reality of the moment.
All our Indonesian eclipse family reflected in what an amazing moment it was and how lucky we were to have shared such a moment together. After the naga ate the sun, we ate the buah naga while laughing at the symbolism. In the remaining partial eclipse that remained, the locals gradually left and went about their day but Boi and Nuraini stayed until the end. During this time, the farmer whose property we were next too went and opened up some fresh kenari nuts for us. Kenari is like a giant almond that is softer and more moist than it’s smaller cousin. Due to the location of the sun, Liam ended up having a pretty bizarre set up and Elien chuckled at his photographing position.
Liam in his post totality, partial eclipse position. In the background you see Nuraini, Boi and some of the other locals.
Even to the end, Nuraini and Boi were so fascinated and Nuraini gave almost the same reaction at the end as at the beginning. Their excitement and enjoyment of this experience filled our hearts with joy. The proceeding day ended up with us meeting the Sultan of Tidore and getting treated like royalty ourselves. Free food was available everywhere while we watched traditional dances at the Sultans Palace and later at the Tidore Solar Eclipse Food Festival.
We are eternally grateful to Nuraini and her family, feeling like we have become surrogate family members. This family feeling reminded us of our Faroe Islands family and just like them, we will miss our Indonesian family and remember them fondly. Hopefully one day we can all meet at another eclipse somewhere in the world.
We expected the total solar eclipse in Indonesia to be spectacular but it was so much more than we could have ever expected. We are more determined than ever to continue this lifestyle of travelling around the world, letting solar eclipses guide our destinations. It won’t be long before we start planning our next total solar eclipse in the United States in 2017. Were you in Indonesia during the total solar eclipse? Tell us about your experiences in the comments.
Tag: Tidore is het grootste onderzoek naar wereldwijde grootschalige cocainehandel dat de Nationale Recherche heeft gedaan.
Een ander bericht gaat over Piet Wortel zelf.
In Paramaribo hebben vier verdachten bezwarende verklaringen afgelegd tegen rijstmagnaat Shyam Guptar. Hij wordt ervan verdacht betrokken te zijn bij de smokkel van 300 kilogram cocaine naar Portugal. De drugs heeft een straatwaarde van 6 miljoen euro. De lading werd op 11 december 2003 in een vrachtschip van de Shyam Guptar in een haven van Portugal onderschept. De getuigen verklaarden dat Shyam Guptar betrokken was bij deze drugstransport. Zij baseren zich op de gesprekken tussen Guptar en afnemers in Portugal en het contact dat Shyam Guptar heeft met Piet Wortel die door justitie in Suriname wordt gezien als onderwereldfiguur. Piet Wortel Piet Wortel is een Surinaamse verdachte in internationale drugshandel bevriend met Dino Bouterse, de zoon van Desi Bouterse. Piet Wortel is hoofdverdachte in de zaak Tidore. Tidore is het grootste onderzoek naar wereldwijde grootschalige cocainehandel dat de Nationale Recherche heeft gedaan. Tidore is codenaam van onderzoek dat in 2010 is gestart nadat in de haven van Rotterdam ruim 1.100 kilo cocaine werd aangetroffen in een lading whisky.
Vader van geliquideerde Franklin ‘Brielle’ Waterval hekelt gang van zaken politieonderzoek.
10 juni 2017 Surinaamse Krant.
‘Het lijkt erop alsof men de zaak bewust in de doofpot wil doen belanden’
‘Publiek geheim dat hij zakenman was en vaak in kringen van president Bouterse te zien was’
‘Hij was een bekende Surinamer en bewoog zich zelfs binnen de hoogste kringen van het land. Het gaat daarom mijn verstand te boven dat het erop lijkt alsof er niets wordt gedaan aan het oplossen van de moord op mijn zoon. Het lijkt erop alsof men de zaak bewust in de doofpot wil doen belanden’ , zegt Roel Wilfred Waterval vandaag, zaterdag 10 juni 2017, in de Ware Tijd.
Hij is de vader van Franklin Waterval, beter bekend als ‘Brielle‘, die vorig jaar augustus in koelen bloede is doodgeschoten voor zijn etenszaak ‘Sabroso’ bij Bronsplein te Frimangron.

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