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Inter-island transport Edit.
There are two options for travel between Trinidad and Tobago – by ferry and by air.
Travelling by air will cost TT$300 (US$50) round trip or TT$150 one way per person. There are twelve flights per day. Flight time is approximately 25 minutes each way. Caribbean Airlines ( runs the service.
There are two types of ferry service – fast and conventional.
Travelling by fast ferry costs TT$50 one way and TT$100 return. Vessels are the T&T Express and The T&T Spirit, which are both owned by the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago. The journey is approximately 2.75 hours. The Express is the faster of the two ships, but the Spirit is newer and has better facilities.
Travelling by conventional ferry costs TT$37.50 one way and TT$75 return, but the journey is approximately 5.5 hours. Vessels are the MF Panorama and Warrior Spirit.
Vehicles can be taken aboard the ferry, but this incurs a different charge which varies by size and weight and you must purchase a separate kind of ticket (which includes the ferry fee for the driver) to be able to do this. A return trip for a private car costs TT$350. This includes the cost of the driver. You are unlikely to be able to take a rental car on the ferry since you need to show vehicle registration documents.
From 1 November 2009, only tickets for same day travel can be purchased at the ferry terminals in Port of Spain and Scarborough. For advance tickets, you must purchase tickets from some select travel agencies – at peak times tickets sell out quickly, particularly for vehicles. For ferry schedules and travel agencies, see the Port Authority website [14].
Popular beaches in Trinidad are Maracas, Tyrico, Las Cuevas, Toco, Mayaro, Chagville, Los Iros and Quinam. Most of the beaches on the North coast are beautiful, with powdery sand and clear blue water. Los Iros and Quinam are okay, however Quinam’s water may be brown, largely due to sediment from the orinoco river in South America. Although Maracas and Tyrico are not too far apart, you cannot walk from one to the other along the beach.
Popular beaches in Tobago include Pigeon Point, Store Bay, MT Irvine, Bucco, Grange, Englishman’s Bay, Canoe Bay. Tobago’s beaches are extremely beautiful.
You can get a bus to Maracas Beach for $4TTD. Get this from the PTSC terminal on South Quay Road. Make sure to purchase a return ticket as there’re no ticket vendors at the beach. This bus leaves every 4.5 hrs from 4am until 5pm.
Buccoo Reef and the nylon pool (Tobago) Edit.
Buccoo Reef is a natural coral reef on the North Coast of Tobago. The reef is not in pristine condition due to years of abuse and neglect. Please refuse any offers of shoes for walking on the coral as this will destroy what is left of the reef. Glass Bottom Boat tours are available from Pigeon Point and Store Bay. The nylon pool is an area of shallow water on top of the reef. The water is crystal clear and looks like fishing line nylon, hence the name. A glass bottom boat tour will take you there and allow you to bathe.
Caroni Bird Sanctuary Edit.
Located in the Caroni Swamp, this is a must for bird watchers. Several indigenous species of bird nest in the bird sanctuary, including one of the national birds – the Scarlet Ibis (Eudocimus ruber) . Tours generally take place during dusk as the Scarlet Ibis returns to the swamp to roost. It is also a good idea to wear thick clothing(jeans and a jacket/sweater) as the mosquitoes in the bird sanctuary are especially vicious and are capable of biting through the thickest of clothing.
Divali and the Divali Nagar Edit.
The Hindu festival of lights, Divali, is celebrated in most areas in Trinidad and a few areas in Tobago. Every year during one night in October-November small oil lamps called deyas are lit on the inside and outside of homes and in public places. Additionally, there is a celebration and festival called the Divali Nagar, where Indian song, dance, plays and other cultural items are on display. The Divali Nagar takes place at the Divali Nagar Site in Chaguanas, Trinidad. Many corporate sponsors set up booths and there is even an open air Indian restaurant where one can purchase Indian food including roti. Divali is a public holiday in Trinidad and Tobago.
Emperor Valley Zoo (Port of Spain) and the Botanical Gardens Edit.
Trinidad and Tobago’s only zoo features a wide variety of animal species including birds, fish, lions, primates, snakes and other reptiles. It is in the capital, Port of Spain. The Botanical Gardens contains many species of plants and is right next to the zoo, close to the President’s house. The gardens are a perfectly picturesque picnic spot, despite the sparse amenities.
Fort George (Tobago) Edit.
Tobago’s Fort George offers a glimpse into Tobago‘s colonial history and beautiful views of the ocean.
Goat races (Tobago) Edit.
Goat racing in Tobago on Easter Tuesday is a tradition dating back to 1925. Amazingly, it shares many similarities to horse racing, where there are owners, stables and trainers.
TTPBA Great Race Edit.
During the month of August (mainly in second or last weekend of August) there is an annual power boat race from Trinidad to Tobago called the Great Race. [15]. It starts at Pier 1 in Chaguaramas, Trinidad and ends at Store Bay in Tobago. There are places to see the boats racing live (such as Maracas Bay). The boats typically travel around the North West peninsula, then along the north coast then make a bee line to Tobago. The first finishers typically finish in an hour.

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