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The woman, who also declined to give her name, said she has been a prostitute for many years. “The first year, I felt really ashamed,” she said. “I couldn’t sleep well because I agonized over whether I should be doing this. Even now I cannot sleep well.”
The woman, dressed in a dark two-piece suit and red shoes, said she hadn’t had a customer in 10 days — a similar refrain at the plaza as the economy cools. “Some women here are skipping meals. How can they buy food when they can’t even pay their rent?”
She said most women at the plaza earn 200,000 to 300,000 won ($170 to $250) a month, but the very old women sometimes charge as little as 10,000 won ($8) for sex.
For the male customers, it is often a matter of staving off loneliness. Many elderly men were taught to sacrifice their personal lives for their companies and to keep their emotions hidden. After retirement, they often struggle to fill their days.
A 78-year-old divorced man said he comes to the Piccadilly plaza every day to kill time. He said he sometimes goes to a quiet back alley with a Bacchus lady to chat and pays 10,000 won to touch her hands and breasts.
“I’ve been living alone for a long time, so that kind of thing makes me feel refreshed,” said the man, who has virtually no contact with his two adult sons and their families. He identified himself only by his surname Jung. He used to buy sex from the women — 30,000 won ($25) for the older ones and 50,000 won ($42) for the younger.
Before the police crackdown, a subway station near the plaza and a public park near the Jongmyo Confucian shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage site, were the main hot spots for Bacchus ladies.
After the occasional raids, authorities usually release the women they round up with a warning or a small fine because they know the women are too old to make a fresh start, according to police.
“I feel really sorry for them,” said a police officer in the area and would only identify himself by his family name, Jeong.
Lee, the professor, said most of the women she has interviewed had dabbled in prostitution when they worked at karaoke bars and teahouses in their early years. Just a few — five or six — were ordinary housewives before turning into prostitution in their old age.
“No one told me they became prostitutes because they like it,” she said. “Is this really these elderly women’s dirty problem, or is it a problem caused by the ordinary people who point their fingers at them? I think it’s our society’s problem.”
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It’s funny to read this news on Japanese news site.
Can you name one station in Japan where no prostitute business is going on.
Can not say elderly prostitution is a problem or not for Korea,
But the high school girl involve in prostitution for their fashion starting from the age of 14; That is what Japanese news should be worried about.
Single Mother, Monster Parents, Joshi Kousei JK (Child Porn) and many more…
I think the issues you’ve mentioned are covered well enough, not just in this publication but on Japanese media as well. But it’s interesting to hear such things are happening over Japan’s neighbor, and among the elderly as well. This article is under Asia Pacific/Social Issues after all.
I can bet you all the money in the world that we can walk for few kilometers downtown or any part of Tokyo or Japan and ask any random stranger on the street, and 99% of them will have no clue what you are talking about.
Really? Do you think it might be a reflection of people not caring rather than things not being covered by the media? Because I’m an outsider with regards to these things, but I went past a few articles here and there. It’s not frequent, but I’ve never failed to go a year without reading about JK since I’ve been to Japan. Might just be me, who knows. And I remember reading about single mothers and poverty just a few days ago, and about monster parents on one of the Japanese TV shows. I’m not sure if it’s the same as the monster parents Anil was talking about though.
Oh trust me, they do care a lot more than you can imagine about anything related to Japan or in particular the perceived image of Japan. Some might say they don’t care, but try saying something negative or even something that could be perceived as negative of Japan or a question that has a premise negative of Japan, and they will quickly switch to defensive mode. They are rather extremely misinformed and uninformed of their own country and of the world and how the world views Japan, and their language also plays a very big role in this as well. For example, when foreigners see something completely stupid happening in Japan and say something like ”What a weird country”, they would translate this as ”Fushigi na kuni ?????” which is totally different from what the foreigners have said. You must understand the fabric of Japan’s society, it is based on image. How you are perceived to be is far more important than how you actually are. Also, the group mentality is extremely strong in Japan. What you say about Japan for people equals what you say about themselves and their identity. You say something negative of Japan and they take that as if you are attacking them personally. If you are from America, and some other American does something wrong, you will be expected to take responsibility for that, anybody associated with that group will be hold responsible in their way ,and they apply the same thing for themselves as well. It is exactly that’s why that everything bad or negative towards Japan is constantly twisted and either hidden or portrayed in a good way for the country. The media can cover the child poverty, but only if it’s covered in a neutral way, not negative for Japan. The monster parents are also seen as neutral and not a negative thing for the whole country, but try saying something like – in America we don’t have that, and you will be instantly attacked. This topic is so big i can talk about this for hours. In general people are so delusional they have absolutely no clue of what is happening in their own country and how they are perceived abroad. You will hardly find a soul in Japan that knows how horrific media censorship they have, and how they barely have a freedom of speech, as anyone who dares say something negative of Japan will be harassed and possibly even physically attacked, including their families as well. They have one party authoritarian system, but if you ask them they have the best democracy out there. They have conflicts with all of their neighbors and insane amount of crimes many of which never gets covered, but if you ask the average person he will tell you that Japan is the most peaceful and safe country on the planet, if you ask him what about those child killing and raping, he will they tell you that you don’t know what you’re talking about. If you ask them about their education system that drills insane conformity and obedience and linear memorization, they will tell you that you are crazy and Japan’s education system is the best in the world and they praise individualism and free thought. And i can give you thousands of examples if you want.

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