Assam head hunter in nagas naked peace war

Assam head hunter in nagas naked peace war
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HOWEVER: At 26 and a “velly handsome man” if you present yourself well, keep your eyes open and smile, are polite and friendly towards the girls you may not need to pay.
I will be going in mid Sept. can you suggest where to.
…you are nothing but a fucking animals, you studpid idiots……
I’ve just read through a lot of posts – why are you still here? I understand your dislike of Westerners going to Thailand for sex but you’ve been sending in the same posts for ages. Why not find a different forum?
Johnnie thanks for the info bud, much appreciated! I most definitely will be playing to my strengths and charm, if i can get a girl without paying, now that is a score! ?? however would these girls be bar girls or freelancers? surely the bar would not let them go without paying?
Also where would you recommend me to stay? anywhere on beach road or close to walking street? .. personally i’m not much of a drinker and only going for the women mainly tbh and maybe some activities.
appreciate the help bud.
If somebody can guide me on having sex with Thai girls without condom. If both of us do medical test, how reliable it is?
You really are a credit to everyone’s culture Chris. You should be doing this kind of blog in Europe too!
You forgot about when your regular fuck brings her girlfriend over for u to do and she sits on the bed and talks to you while your having sex….course you have to then give them both some cash………
Well Chris, very informative post. But I think there is a racist overtone in your language when you mentioned that you are quite surprised that you don’t see much of Indians in the dirty brothels. I think that the main reason is that Indians do spend money and have the balls to spend money even if these days THB is priced twice as much as one INR. Fortunately for you white guys, that there is Asia,where you guys can come and enjoy as much as you can because of the power of dollar or pound or euro. As you mentioned in your post that you have to save for few months before you and your gf go to thailand for cheap threesome fuck. Indians don’t save, they just pack their bags and go. Its a great boon for you white guys that you can come here even at the age of the 60 and get a thai girl as a wife or girl friend even though not many women in your country will give you a shit. I also feel very sorry for these thai girls who, most of them, are uneducated, with no opportunities of employment whatsoever have no option but to sell their asses for just $50. These thai girls are equally responsible for their decrepit state as they think that the white skinned guy with wasps on their dicks and a beer belly is a passport to all the solutions of their lives including poverty so you guys are having it really easy and doing nothing but exploiting their sorry state. As far as Indians go, they don’t show them a rosy dream of having a nice life neither they tell them that they are any better than the white schmucks on the prowl. They at least have the guts to spend their money in a country which is way more expensive than theirs. You won’t see a white Briton or American going to Amsterdam or Zurich and hiring premium prostitutes, unless they can keep guys like you and your gf as their butlers and maid servants. So man, please don’t generalize, Indians are not as much poor as you think, yes they can be assertive and pushy when it comes to negotiating, can be unhygienic as per western standards, but they are not cheap. Thanks.
Amsterdam hookers are like 50 euros about the same price (actually cheaper) than most girls on cowboy. Personally i wouldn’t go to europe for hookers because a. i can get just as good in australia. b. i prefer asians.
That was probably the silliest answer I ever read with regards to racism in a post… denial much?
Must be your first time using the internet.
Hope you are doing well. I have a question, I am going to visit bangkok for the first time so can you please guide me through that how to and where to find a nice girl who is gud in sex skills not very cheap but not that much expensive aging around 25-30. where to start from a gogo or a street hooker or a soapy massage parlor or brothels. want to know one thing for soapy massage parlor do the girls have full sex or just a massage or body top body massage and jerk you and thats it.. Do the girls in massage parlor ends up with a handjob or a blowjob. Also where can i find a cheap girl who can spend entire night with me in the hotel having sex and which hotels has this type of facility a 3 star hotel will be fair enough please name few.
Where to start, is interesting question in Bangkok. I tell You which places I like and give You some details. It is also depends for how long You are coming because If You will have time You can meet with thai girl through dates apps like tinder or thai friendly. Then take her for a coffe, get nice talking (but should know that those girls do not like to be treated as hookers, they even hate it – so the best is talking about her, her travelling, just normal talk and most often You can finisf in Your room because she will know that You are a cool guy).

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