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Unlike Mexico City, where you can find beautiful people (men, women and shemales) on the street, in Tijuana, the best escorts are either found in the hooker bars like Adelita’s. Hooker bars defy definition. They are a combination of strip club, brothel and a regular bar. Most have dance floors, but the girls don’t dance. They stand on the stage and wait for you to beckon. The tables below are where you drink, and maybe order a drink for the woman you select. The bar girls don’t sit for free. You have to buy them drinks to enjoy their company. If you want to have sex with them, they lead you to another location. Often, like Adelita’s, there is an attached hotel. Your girl takes you out of the bar, and immediately you’re heading upstairs for the room. These are not strip club privados. These are also not salidas, where you pick the girl out of the strip club lineup and take her to your hotel. These are not brothels, where the girls line up in the lobby and you pick one and go to the room. In a hooker bar, you can just drink and look, drink and talk with your acompanante, or you can take her upstairs for sex. It’s a nice system, but a little different than most other Mexican cities.
What sets Tijuana apart is the sheer number of escorts. You can find them as independents advertising online, in brothels, strip clubs, on the streets. there are even a few massage parlors. Think Amsterdam with a Spanish accent. You can find elegant ladies, ugly girls who’ll do an anal gangbang for $40 and everything in between. Tijuana mongers argue they get the best sex in Mexico for the best prices.
Gilbert from San Diego reminds us to be careful. " I never had any problem in Tijuana along the many years I have used to go there. 3 months ago I was robbed by the municipal police searching me for drugs. I made the mistake to carry $200 with me. I reported them to the tourist office and to the US consulate. But I still see them in the streets. I learnt my lesson. I now carry little money with me. " This is rare, if the story is true at all. Municipal police are there to ensure that Gringos are protected. Without Tourists, TJ is a just another dirty, desperate border town. $200 isn’t so much of a temptation. Maybe Gilbert forgot two zeros on the amount. You’re better off to have the cash in case you need it, and $200 is a minimal amount. Tourists are NEVER searched. It’s hard to know the complete story from hearing one side.
My name is Gringo Paul. I am the webmaster at I am 67 years old. I was in Tijuana on business. It was just after sunset and I went for a walk. A policeman called me over on a main street. I was dressed in clean casual clothes, and I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs. My behavior was not suspicious in any way. He wanted to know what I was doing. He spoke English, I spoke Spanish. I carry pepper spray. He searched my pockets, and found the pepper spray. He said it was illegal. I said it wasn’t. (I recommend pepper spray for protection in Mexico. It’s legal, unlike carrying a knife. It’s also effective at 6 feet. You can disable 3 attackers before they can touch you. Put it in your luggage. They will confiscate it at the gate if you are flying.) He told me to get into his car and we’d go before a judge. I took a step back, clenched my fists and told him there was NO WAY I would get into his car. I was convinced he and his partner would take me to a lonely place, beat me and rob me. Better to be beaten on the street, in front of witnesses. He smiled like a wolf, and considered his options. Beating an elderly, sober tourist on the streets who had not broken any laws would require explanation. He told me to calm down. We negotiated for 30 minutes. I offered him $150 pesos. (The exchange rate that day was 20:1.) That was $7.50. He asked (in Spanish) why I was insulting him? I asked why I had to pay anything? I had done nothing wrong. The fucking asshole queer searched my pockets 4 times. It was just a negotiating tactic. I had to submit, or he could say I resisted a legitimate search.
In the end, he took $20 from my wallet and we both walked away. And. he gave me back my pepper spray. I wanted to ask him why he would give me back my protection if it was illegal, but I wanted even more for the situation to be over.
Here is how to avoid trouble.
Don’t take your car into Mexico. The cops will steal your car AND your cash.
Take a cab from the border directly to Hong Kong, Adelita’s or where ever you want to go.
All the clubs are within walking distance of one another. However, if you cannot see the second club, take a cab. It may only be around the block, but there are crooked cops waiting to rob you.
You are safe inside the clubs. The owners control the atmosphere, and they don’t want tourists telling tales of trouble. This safety ends at the curb. Have them call you a taxi.
I recommend pepper spray for protection in Mexico. It’s legal, unlike carrying a knife. It’s also effective at 6 feet. You can disable 3 attackers before they can touch you. Unless you are trained, pepper spray is the best protection. It was a Guadalajara police officer who recommended I use it. If you are flying, put it in your luggage. They will confiscate it at the gate if you are flying.

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