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One 20-year-old woman in the Mekong River village of Langle told the New York Times, “If you can’t go to Thailand and you are a young woman here, what can you do? You plant and you harvest. But in Thailand and Malaysia I heard it was pretty easy to earn money so I went. All the girls would like to go, but some have to take care of their parents.”
The girls work in bars and most of the money they take in tricks goes to their pimp or brothel owner. The money they earn comes from “tips” by customers. Many make their way across the border hidden in the baggage compartment of buses and hope to get lucky and meet and marry an overseas Chinese or at least bring enough money back for a better life for themselves and their families.
Many are unable to save much even after a couple of years. Some do quite well and this is often reflected by the nice homes—with satellite television, air conditioning, generators and tile designs—owned by their parents. Some families with several daughters live in chateau-like homes with chandeliers, leather-covered sofas, golden Buddhist altars and fancy home entertainment centers. Dai boys often don’t like the set up because the girls who return from Malaysia and Thailand come back snobby and don’t want to have anything to do with them.
Prostitutes, Barber Shops and Karaokes in China.
a beauty salon Many brothels are fronted by saunas or karaoke bars and many massage parlors are located in barber shops or beauty salons. A reporter for the Washington Post walked by a beauty salon and was told by a tout, “Hey, foreigners. I’ve got the best you can imagine—virgins, experienced pros, cheap and they are ready for you. Come try one.” Pimps outside barber shops boast that their girls are cheap, beautiful and da pao (“set off a bang”). The usual charge is around $25.
Prostitution and karaoke often go hand and hand. By one count there are over a thousand karaokes in the Guangzhou-Shenzen area that offer the sexual service of 300,000 women, most of them migrants from Sichuan. The Enjoy Business Club karaoke parlors in Shenzhen have singing rooms in the downstairs rooms and sex upstairs in private rooms.
Prostitutes work places that cater to all kinds of clients: businessmen, foreigners, professionals. The owner of one massage parlor told the Washington Post he makes about $2,000 a month and is supported by local officials who take a cut of his profits.
If love hotels or back rooms of a karaoke are not available there is always the local park. One man asked Theroux if he wanted a girl and then told him “I can get you a very dark and private corner in the park, so you can be alone with her.” Theorux said he was told about one brothel run by public security police where “customers can feel safe that they won’t be raided.”
Freelance prostitutes, who work out of beauty parlors, often meet different clients at different places, taking calls from different salon managers on their cell phones. Pimps sometimes solicit foreign customers in the sock department of Wal-Mart in Shenzhen, at first asking for $150 a night for girls displayed on their cell phones and then dropping the price to $80 a night.
Prostitution for Students in China.
Leo Lewis wrote in The Times of London, “Rmb460.” or $70, is the special student price for the “full service” on offer in the massage parlour at the five-star Guangxin International Hotel in Wuhan — a price that conveniently includes the hourly hire of a room and a courtesy cab home for the masseuse. [Source: Leo Lewis, The Times of London, October 28, 2014]
Nanyang Siang Pau wrote in The Star, The daily also reported that university students were available as mistresses in China for a “fee”. The annual fee is between 20,000 yuan (RM9,341) and 50,000 yuan (RM23,352) depending on which university they are studying at. The service was exposed after Beijing police busted a syndicate believed to be acting as the students’ agent.A man identified as a teacher called Chen was arrested in the operation. Initial investigations showed that the syndicate had posted the students’ photographs, details and fees online for customers to view and choose. [Source: Nanyang Siang Pau, The Star, May 17, 2011]
Hostess Bars and Three-Accompany Girls in China.
In China, there are many hostess bars, places where young ladies entertain, chat up, flatter and pander to male customers by lighting their cigarettes and pouring their drinks. The women generally don’t have sex with the male customers. Hostesses are generally prohibited by their employees from dating their customers after they get off work.
Women who work at nightclubs, hostess bars and karaokes are often called “san pei xiaojie” (literally “three accompaniment girls,” meaning drinking, singing and dancing). They “accompany” men as they drink, dance and sing karaoke. Although many limit themselves to serving drinks, singing and dancing others will do more if the price is right.
Describing the Golden Age Mistress Bar in Shanghai George Wehrfritz wrote: “hostesses in white satin dresses sit and drink with the clientele, toasts radiate with mildly risque pre-revolution showgirl revues. a dance troupe wearing bustiers and exotic shrubbery wiggled to a pair of disco songs extolling the virtues of oral sex.”

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